ABC Family Kevin From Work, Jordan Hinson Exclusive Interview

Jordan Hinson

Jordan Hinson

Exclusive interview with Jordan Hinson about her character Roxie on New ABC Family Show airing August 12, 2015 8/7c

By Gabrielle Pantera @hollywooddailys

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/8/12 – “I originally auditioned for Audrey,” says Kevin at Work star Jordan Hinson “I read for it, and it went fine. I think me and the casting both knew it wasn’t right. And there were immediately, like you know, you might make a good Roxy. So they gave me the sides. I cold read it. It was a perfect match. It went so quickly from there. I tested on it. We were shooting within a couple of weeks. It got picked up immediately.”

Kevin At Work is sweet, manic and often over the top. It’s like The Office, but with no attempt to get any work done.

Kevin From Work is a single-camera series centered on Kevin, a young man leaving a terrible job to take his dream job overseas. The only problem is his unrequited love for his coworker Audrey. Sometimes a secret crush works best as a secret. After Kevin reveals his feelings, his whole life goes upside-down.

The actors often add a throw away line at the end of a scene, to improv a bit of something unexpected. “In every single scene they’re open to adding a little bit of ourselves,”says Hinson. We added me yelling out the window a couple random things. More after the pilot.”

Hinson says playing an extreme character has made her less so in real life. “In Harold & Kamar I played the daughter of a wacky mafia guy. She was trying to lose her virginity very quickly. This role [Roxy] is more of a down-to-Earth person. I play that friend who is just out there. She’ll do anything for you. She’s a ride-or-die type of girl. The role has toned me down, because Im playing a crazy person every day.  When I get home I just want to veg and watch Netflix with my dog.”

The series is written, created and executive-produced by Barbie Adler (How I Met Your Mother). Aaron Kaplan at Kapital Entertainment (Chasing Life) and McG at Wonderland Sound & Vision (Charlie’s Angels) serve as Executive Producers. The comedy stars Noah Reid (Backpackers) as Kevin, Paige Spara as Audrey, Matt Murray (Rookie Blue) as Brian, Jordan Hinson (Eureka) as Roxie, Punam Patel as Patti, with guest star Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy) as Julia.

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