ActiveOn Action Cams at GBK Gift Suite for 2015 GRAMMY Nominees

New action cams have built-in LCD screening, iPhone-controlled panning head coming

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/2/19 – “We just launched in mid-November,” says ActiveOn Action Cams EVP Frank Donato. “We’re at Sears, on Amazon. We’re going to be launching at Walmart, and Target in the spring.”

A unique feature of our camera is all our models come with a LCD screen,” says Donato. “Our cameras are 1080 60p, which is important in an action cam. The video is going to be much smoother. All the quality at a very reasonable price. The camera has Wi-Fi. The ActiveOn DX is $299, LX $199, and in a few months there will be a $99 version. We’re also launching a motorized panning head, to launch in May. This head will turn any of our cameras into a panning cam. It will rotate at three speeds, 360 degrees, for time-lapse photography. Also available in April is a 360-degree panning camera. It’s all built-in with the features of our DX. You can control the camera with an app on your iPhone.”

We expect to have 4k the end of the year,” says Donato. “We’ll show that at CES next year. We expect 4k to be much more mainstream in the next twelve months. Our company also manufactures televisions. We have our own factory in China. We make our cameras. Our R&D is in Korea. Our U.S. office is in San Diego.”

For marketing we’re having a best video of the week for our users,” says Donato. “They submit a video. We have a panel of judges who award $2,000 every week. The best video of the year will win a Tesla LX. We’ll be giving that away next November.”

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