Amazon Harry Bosch, Noir Detective Is Back

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Ten-episode season 2 premieres March 11th, 2016, available to binge starting at 12:01am

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) – 3/10/16 “When the books started coming out in the 90s I did the Hollywood thing,” says Bosch creator Michael Connelly. “They were optioned by Paramount and basically sat on the shelf for about a decade, When I got these books back after this long time I didn’t even think about going to film. I wanted to go back into Hollywood and see if  I could find a place where I could tell these stories much like the book [as series].”

While the story sat on the shelf at Paramount hoping to become a movie, television changed. “During that decade I could tell it became a place where you could do anything serialized characters in the story,” says Connelly. “It’s really about these characters. It’s like a city. Eric [Overmyer] is the mayor and I’m like the depute mayor.”

Connelly is the series creator, writer and executive producer. “I’m there from the beginning,” says Connelly. “I’m in the writing room. Eric and I crack the season. We wrote a pretty in depth bible before we even got the go-ahead for the second season. Then, from there we present it to the writing staff and divie it up. My fingerprints are on just about every script. I wrote the last episode of this season. I’m all in.”

Connelly was a newspaper reporter for years. “I worked the crime beat almost 14 years in various states and various papers and to me it was a means to an end,” says Connelly. “I wanted to write crime novels first, so I went into journalism I was always looking for the seed of character. I think Harry Bosch was a conglomerations of the detectives I met along that route…a lot of L.A. homicide detectives. And it just kind of came out of that.”

The Amazon series Bosch opens its second season. Based on the books by Connelly, hard-boiled Los Angeles cop Harry Bosch is back at work. Titus Welliver plays Bosch and  really brings the character to life. Season two starts six months after season one ended.

After being suspended for a short time Bosch returns to the force. A dead body is found in the trunk of a car. Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector)  are on the case, and the FBI is also involved.  What is the widow Veronica Allen (Jeri Ryan) hiding? Or, is she really that clueless? Bosch must take on the nob and deal with dirty cops.

Bosch is produced by Amazon Studios. Created by Michael Connelly. Developed by Eric Overmyer.


  • Titus Welliver
  • Jamie Hector
  • Amy Aquino
  • Lance Reddick
  • Annie Wersching
  • Sarah Clarke
  • Jason Gedrick
  • Madison Lintz
  • Jeri Ryan
  • Brent Sexton

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