AMC The Son, star Pierce Brosnan says, “Born of violence but he’s a good man”

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Premiere, a ruthless Texas family spans three generations, on April 8th, 2017, at 6pm PT 9pm ET on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/4/8 – “He is a man who knows he is born of violence but he’s a good man at heart,” says The Son star Pierce Brosnan,“He is a man that’s also ahead of his time within the family that he has and the surroundings of his life, but he is completely haunted by his past.”



“I read first five scripts and they were just really well founded,” says Brosnan. “I loved the part of Eli. It was the writing, the story, the character, the challenge of playing a man like this [The reason for taking this role]. And before I knew it I was here in Texas, I was up on horse and playing this man.”

“The Western has had a romantic place in my heart as I think it does in everyone’s heart,” says Brosnan. “But this I don’t really consider a Western, is a family drama set in 1950 but I do play a man who straps a gun in his hip and has blood on his hands and violence in his psyque, but the Western I’ve always been attracted by it”

The Son is more than a rollicking historical fiction,” says showrunner and executive producer Kevin Murphy. “I was attracted to the deeper themes the book explores concerning the nature of family honor and legacy, the psychology of violence, custodianship of land, racial scapegoating . America grew up struggling with these issues, and we’re still doing so today.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing The Son to life on AMC,” says the novel writer Phillip Meyer. “This will be a big show in which we dig deep into the epic story of our country. AMC has given us a huge template, and we will be going even further and deeper into our characters and their stories than I could have ever imagined when I wrote the book.”

In The Son, Pierce Brosnan is Eli McCullough. He lost two families. He grew a large cattle ranch and is now desperate to ensure his legacy by transitioning the family business into oil. Eli believes that the essence of human nature is brutality, desire, envy and greed. He thinks all men will revert to their natural condition of war. Eli lives, runs his business, raises his children and his grandchildren to prepare for a brutal and unjust world.

Henry Garrett is Pete McCullough, Eli’s youngest son. He runs the McCullough Ranch in South Texas. He and his wife raise their three children. Pete believes that people have the choice and capacity to treat each other with basic goodness. Regional violence lands on their doorstep pushing Pete into emotional and psychological depths, ultimately forcing him to make choices about his place in his own family.

Sydney Lucas is Jeannie McCullough, Eli’s granddaughter. The series shows her evolution from an eleven-year old mentored by her grandfather to the CEO of an oil empire. She cherishes their bond and intends to live up to the future he envisions for her.

Carlos Bardem is Pedro García is the patriarch of the last Spanish family in South Texas. He has survived by being a diplomat. He is nervous to choose sides between the neighboring white ranchers and Mexican seditionists. His ranch is perilously positioned between the McCulloughs’ land and the Mexican border.

Paola Núñez is Maria, Pedro’s oldest daughter. She was supposed to marry well and carry on the family’s noble legacy. She fled to New York City in her early twenties to study art. She returns to South Texas. She reconnects with her childhood acquaintance, Pete McCullough. Together they become complicit in some of the region’s escalating violence. These shared experiences will bring them closer together.

Zahn McClarnon is Toshaway, a Comanche war chief and the leader of the band who captures Eli. The dwindling buffalo population and the encroachment of white settlers threatens his people. He sees Eli’s potential to be a warrior; and helps him become fully assimilated as a Comanche. Through this process, Toshaway comes to view Eli as a son.

The Son is based on the Pulitzer Prize finalist novel by Phillip Meyer.

The Son cast:

An AMC Studios and Sonar Entertainment Production. Written and executive produced by Meyer, Lee Shipman, Brian McGreevy and showrunner Kevin Murphy.

AMC held a screening at SXSW.  AMC is the only cable network to win the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row. AMC is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc. along with IFC, SundanceTV, BBC America and WE tv.

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