BeautyCon LA Takes Over Historic LA Mart

Amy Pham host of The Fashion Statement Photo by Elva Zevallos

Amy Pham host of The Fashion Statement
Photo by Elva Zevallos

Elle Magazine joins the celebration for the third anniversary of BeautyCon Los Angeles

By Elva Zevallos

LOS ANGELES, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2014/8/28 – “My favorite part about BeautyCon LA,” says The Fashion Statement‘s host, Amy Pham, is the fact that I get to meet all the lovely fans who watch the show and I’m able to meet them in person and really connect with them on a one on one basis.”  The Fashion Statement is a video blog series, or vlog as it’s more commonly know, on the YouTube channel, The Platform.  With more than 370,000 subscribers, The Platform shines as a digital content media success on YouTube.  Stars of The Platform shows were on hand to socialize with  guests who attended BeautyCon LA which was held at the LA Mart on August 16, in partnership with Elle Magazine.

Also available to mingle with attendees were celebrities of film and TV, vloggers, viners, bloggers and representatives from an array of outstanding beauty companies.  It was mostly millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000 who came out in full force to this convention, one which expertly blended fashion and beauty trends with technology.  The huge popularity of BeautyCon LA  among millennials could be attributed to the fact that they are acknowledged as being the most tech savvy of any previous generation.  The final count of attendees numbered more than 6,000.

Kelly Osbourne  From The Fashion Police Photo by Elva Zevallos

Kelly Osbourne
From The Fashion Police
Photo by Elva Zevallos

What do you do with more than 6,000 people in one day?  Guests had the chance to listen to panel discussions with provocative subject matter such as, How Do You Wear Your Inner Beauty and Hi Haters, Bye Haters staffed by Brittany Mota-Wiley and Brittny Gastineau among others.  They also played games and could meet one on one with representatives from their favorite cosmetic lines and even purchase from these vendors at a heavily discounted price.  Many attendees were treated to free products and gift bags filled with beauty essentials.  Guests were able to network and meet and greet quite a  number of their favorite celebrities.

A highlight of this event, and one that  guests with aspirations of their own YouTube success were especially eager to see, was Bethany Mota.  With more than 7,000,000 subscribers to her fashion and beauty channel, Mota is easily one of YouTube’s huge success stories.  It is no wonder that retailers have been reaching out to Mota in the hopes of reaching her fanbase as well.  This has led to lucrative partnerships such as the one which she has with Aeropostale which is now carrying her line of clothing, accessories and fragrance.  What makes for a successful vlogger?

Bethany Mota Photo by AP/Invision

Bethany Mota  to be on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars
Photo by AP/Invision

“The bloggers that are really blowing up are the ones who are super intimate with their audience,” says  BeautyCon CEO Moj Mahdara. “They really do a good job of talking to and listening to what their fans want and they are vulnerable. They’re just really transparent  about what’s going on with them and what makes them inspired and what makes them tick.”

“If you look at the girls who are really trending, while the bloggers are very sort of fashionista, glossy, it’ a one-dimensional relationship,” says Mahdara. “It’s like a communicate out. With bloggers, it’s like a two-way street. They talk to you and you talk to them. If you read all the comments on their videos, you’ll see that they are very engaged with their audience unlike other digital content creators.”

The very first BeautyCon was held in 2012 at the YouTube office in Santa Monica.  Last year, BeautyCon’s growing popularity led to a change in locale over to Siren Studios in Hollywood. This year’s overwhelming response led to yet another venue change over to the LA Mart in Downtown Los Angeles.

“I was not born in Los Angeles,” says Mahdara. “I was born in Lexington Kentucky but I came of age in Los Angeles. It’s the city in which I came to know myself. There are a lot of great cities in this country but we are having an amazing moment right now. I think the food is great, the people are great, there’s a lot of great businesses, there’s a lot of cool things to do here.”

BeautyCon CEO Moj Mahdara of Made With Elastic Photo by Elva Zevallos

BeautyCon CEO Moj Mahdara of Made With Elastic
Photo by Elva Zevallos

The overwhelming popularity of BeautyCon LA has led to the first ever BeautyCon New York earlier this year. That success in turn has led to other cities, even those outside the US,  being considered for their own BeautyCon. “We are featuring BeautyCon in other cities, and we are actually now a media company as well that’s like a 365 that we’re launching in the Fall where it’s basically BeautyCon year round, more like a media site similar to Vice Media,” says Mahdara.

“We’ve also launched a fan club which is basically creating BeautyCon type experiences on a year round basis,” says Mahdara. “Next year, we’re going to ten different cities. London is already on the schedule. Dubai is a big city. Singapore is a big city. Those are really the three big cities across international waters and then of course, we are heavily looking at Korea.”

“The reason that I am passionate about it is because I like that there’s a multi-cultural audience, a multi-aged audience,” says  Mahdara. “The range of girls who are here  from Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Korea, they are black, white, the whole entire range, and they all want to feel good. They all want to do something that’s fun, and I think that there’s not a lot of places where you’re going to see a group of young women who are really truly like a good example of what the world really is.”

Besides bringing together thousands of people with a passion for the beauty industry, BeautyCon has deepened its purpose through it’s collaboration with the non-profit, I Am That Girl.  It is a partnership of which Mahdara is extremely enthusiastic about.  “I am on the board of I Am That Girl and I am very passionate about it,” says  Mahdara. “It’s a non-profit that essentially advocates for women to create a dialogue with themselves and each other around positive self-imaging. Imagine a sort of modern day girl scouts.”

“We really focus a lot on chapters at different college campuses,” says  Mahdara. There’s a lot of clubs and committees. We do a big collaboration with Claire’s.  There’s bracelets, there’s products and there is the book,  I AM THAT GIRL.  We’re here to push a message in the media industry around how girls want to be viewed.”

Jessica Lowndes  from 90210 Photo by AP Invision

Jessica Lowndes from 90210            Photo by AP Invision

The positive message driving the day’s agenda for BeautyCon LA was a strong influence on the mood and excitement of the convention goers. “Seeing the energy that these young girls have for what we do online and seeing them get involved and interactive, it makes me really excited for what the future is going to be in terms of having events like this where you can be a fan of someone but then also go and interact with them,” says P’Trique C’est Chic’s star P’Trique. “There’s nothing that really exists like that in Hollywood and so being here in digital Hollywood is an amazing new space.”

Hosting P’Trique C’est Chic on The Platform channel, takes P’Trique straight into the heart of some of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world such as New York Fashion Week. Fashion is of course a huge passion for P’Trique as are the creators behind some of the most talked about designs. “Lately, I’ve been really into DVF, Diane Von Furstenberg,” says P’Trique. “She’s not doing anything wrong and she’s really setting some trends that I think are going to come out of fashion week this year. I really think she’s marquee for me right now.  In fact, DVF is my leaning in 2014.”

P'trique from P'Trique C'est Chic Photo by Elva Zevallos

P’trique from P’Trique C’est Chic
Photo by Elva Zevallos

One video that is a huge favorite with fans of P’Trique is Fashion Week & Project  Runway Kill P’Trique.  Spoiler alert!  There is an appearance by “Benedict Cumberbatch.”   How did P’Trique manage to get” Mr. Cumberbatch” to guest star on his show? “It was a lot of work, a lot of work,” explains P’Trique.  “I couldn’t believe that he was so willing.  I mean we had him on a time limit.  They gave us five seconds so we did what we could.”

Fashion Week & Project Runway Kill P’Trique | P’Trique C’est Chic



Rixton Photo by AP Invision

Photo by AP Invision

The after party for BeautyCon LA was headlined by British band, Rixton, currently on tour here in the US and promoting their hit singles, Me And My Broken Heart and Wait On Me.

Fashion and beauty brands participating in this year’s BeautyCon LA include CityCosmeticsStila, NYX Cosmetics, CoverGirl, Tarte Cosmetics and Cult Gaia among many others.  For further information on brands and companies mentioned in this article please visit the websites.

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