Bergman Valentine Romance Gift Lounge for Oscar Nominees

Ernie Hudson with Nu Bra

Ernie Hudson with Nu Bra

Doris Bergman 8th Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party shares new products with nominees and presenters

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2/26/2016 – Doris Bergman’s Eighth Annual Valentine Romance Oscar style lounge & party was held at the Fig & Olive restaurant in West Hollywood. Invited guests included past and present Oscar nominees and presenters, Golden Globe winners winners and nominees, iconic Hollywood couples, TV series regulars, industry VIPs and media. This invitation-only event, featured Italian-engineered Maserati Ghibli, fashion, accessories, skin and hair care, jewelry, lingerie, mod hats, fragrances, food and liquor.

Official Charity

Wednesday’s Child is Bergman’s official charity and was on site collecting new, unwrapped gifts…clothing, accessories, electronics, sporting equipment, monetary donations for teens in foster care age 13 to 18. They collect items all year.

ascend cleanse resizedAscend Cleanse

“Ascend Cleanse is the first ever mind and body detox program,” says Ascend Cleanse founder Laura Wilde. “So while most detox focus on the body physical benefits ours benefits the mind as well. The program consists of Awaken you take it in the morning and the afternoon. It has twice as many antioxidants as green tea and as much caffeine as coffee. For night time, you drink Ascend Cleanse Dreams this a half hour before you go to sleep and it promotes lucid dreams.”

There are two different teas. Both are organic Ascend Cleanse Awake has more antioxidants and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Ascend Cleanse Dreams will help you get a better night’s sleep and also to have more lucid dreams. Drink 30 minutes before going to sleep. $14.99 each bag.

my saint my hero Grace Bracelet.cream

my saint my hero Grace Bracelet cream

My Saint My Hero

“The greatest one is the grace that we can be covered with amazing grace,” says My Saint My Hero sales ambassador Marisa Marshall. “Little rectangle charms that goes with your blessing bracelets, the artwork was hand carved by our Vatican artist Mariangela.”

My saint My Hero is showcasing the new Garment of Grace bracelet. The medal is the image of the ancient Scapular, a token of God’s protection throughout your earthly endeavors.

Blessed Mother Queen of the Universe crystal necklace

Blessed Mother Queen of the Universe crystal necklace

Marshall had on a the Blessed Mother Queen of the Universe crystal necklace is $164.00









Samiah coat inspired by Victorian times


“Here’s what I’m doing that is new and it’s not even here,” says designer Samiah Hinton. “A lot of people are coming to me from the gaming community. They want to bring to life the stuff like assassin creed clothes, which everyone wants.  I’m working on a couple customers who want the assassin creed inspired clothing. I’m not working with leather…working with other fabrics like cottons and canvases and something you can distress. The fabric themselves are not really the focus as much as the style I’m trying to bring out.”

Samiah had jackets and coats inspired by the Victorian and Renaissance at the gift suite. The  designs are romantic and look great or both men and women.

Hint water Still and bubbly

Hint water: still and bubbly

Hint Drinking Water

“Hint water is flavored water with no sugar, no dietary sweeteners, no sucrose, no  aspartame,”  says Hint Water SoCal Marketing Manager Paul Palacios. “It’s a great way to not drink any soda’s and it’s better for you. We have a line of sparkling. We have six flavors in the sparkling. We’re also adding additional flavors to the still water too.”

Single Short print dress great for spring and summer

Single Short print dress great for spring and summer

Single by Galina Sobolev and Kaya di Koko

Single combines classic style with a flair for the modern. Using silks, cashmeres and one-of-a-kind prints developed from original artwork. Single has a higher price point.

Kaya di Koko is the junior division that launched in 2012. This line is more younger and has a more hip feel Both brands are USA based both designed and produced in Los Angeles.

This summer is more Boho styles, more prints and they are bringing back their kimonos.




Sue Wong Cream beaded gown

Sue Wong Cream beaded gown

Sue Wong

Sue Wong is moving into global licensing. She’s still designing her couture gowns. There will be bedding, home-wear, shoes, glasses. There were a number of gorgeous gowns on display at the suite.






pura dor.resize

Pura D’or

Pure D’or

“Pura D’or has been around for a long while,” says  2 Minute Club marketing director Michelle Appelbaum. “It’s all organic. The base is aloe vera. Every ingredient has it’s own story. My hair is really thin the more I use it the thicker my hair gets.”


Debbie DiMaggio The Art of Real Estate

Debbie DiMaggio The Art of Real Estate

The Art of Real Estate

“Debbie DiMaggio is Joe DiMaddio’s 3rd cousin,” says Debbie DiMaggio’s friend Liz Kelly. “We’re celebrating Joe’s love for Marilyn today and she’s (Debbie) also a realtor to the stars. She’s sold homes to movie stars. The house from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness is for sale and Debbie is working on that. She’s also written a book The Art of Real Estate.”





NuBra is a strapless, backless adhesive bra made with with medical-grade, self-adhesive silicone or fabric bra cups. Made in the USA. Works with backless, strapless, halter, or sheer outfit. It gives you the cleavage you want. The center clasp is patented. They’re also featuring their  new Shape Up Seamless Contol. It has no edges so stays smooth under pants, skirts and dresses.  There is a seamless shape sizes run small.




Spongelle is body wash infused body buffers. A few of the different fragrances are Papaya Yuzu, Ginger Bergamot, French Lavender and many more. There are coordinating body lotions and spong aminals great for children. Made in the USA they’ve been in business for 15 years.


Fir for a Belle shorts, tops, leggings and more

Fir for a Belle shorts, tops, leggings and more

Fit for a Belle

“Fit for a Belle was inspired from my own transformation,” says Fit for a Belle  founder Megan Williams. “I lost a lot of weight after college and how I did that was through lifting weights. When I first got into lifting I thought it was amazing how  me and all my girls were like feeling strong. We couldn’t find cute stuff to wear. I wanted to make my logo the bar bell and bow. It represents strong women. That is what it says to me in my mind.  So I started designing cute fun and functional fitness fashion.”

Williams gifted fitness gear to many of the attendees.  The Ruffle Gray Spandex Leggings were a big hit and the cute you can mix and match with them.

Twisted Silver Necklaces and braclets

Twisted Silver Necklaces and braclets

Twisted Silver

“What’s new with the line is the coil bracelet,” says Twisted Silver founder Debra Mitchell. “I’m doing a lot of upper arm bracelets and wrap bracelets and using dark black onyx in the platting now. Were doing a lot of natural stones and natural elements mixing that in with the brass line. We do have some new rings coming. Long necklaces are big for men and women. We have tri-necklace kind of Asian inspired brass and turing something that might be ugly into something beautiful.”

Twisted silver is edgy jewelry that’s made from base metals, recycled, found objects, and vintage asymmetry throughout.


Rekorderlig cider

Rekorderlig Cider

“Rekorderlig means kind and honest in Swedish,” says Rekorderlig Brand communications James Vincini. “It’s gluten-free. It’s made with most incredible spring water in Europe. Super-light, super refreshing  great poolside drink. It comes in pear, strawberry lime, wild berries and passion fruit. It’ has essences of the fruit flavors.”

The hard cider was created in 1999 with spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden. It’s still brewed there today by Åbro Bryggeri who is the fourth generation to brew it. There is also a spiced Apple flavor.  It’s available at Bevmo and many bars around town. You do have to be over 21 to enter the website.

ARt Lewins

Art Lewins Bow ties & socks

Art Lewin Bespoke Clothiers

Art Lewin creates customized clothing is gifting Bowties, pocket squares and socks. They work with you from picking out the suite the smallest detail. Custom suits that are individual for each individual customer.






“The new product is the sports line,” says Arbonne independent Consultant Kara Nanas. “This is ginger, turmeric and cyanine pepper. We take you thought the 28 day vegan protein cleanses. Every thing has a purpose.”  They have 480 products.

Whispering Winds

A professional massage therapist for cancer patience’s for 22 years, Whispering Winds works with stars in Hollywood. They specialize in helping the injured, sick and terminally ill.

Touch is a necessity not a luxury,” says Whispering Winds founder Traci Doran. “Whispering Winds therapeutic touch is a non-profitIt is a charity. We work with blind patient amputees wounded warriors, we work with everybody who need touch in their lives.”

Doran teamed up with Kara Nanas to showcase Arbonne make-up. The make-up is plant based and all natural products. Doran does PSAs on touch for life therapy.

di Snap Back

di Snap Back is an urban line of street wear manufactured in Los Angeles. They brought custom made embroidery hats, hoodies, and drop crotch shorts and pants. Di Snap Back is available at Equnox and other gyms carry their products. Hats cost between $25 and $35 Tops run between $20 to $40 and bottoms run between $30 to $40.




“We’re not giving way the car,” says Maserati brand ambassador Jay Huffschmidt. “We’re showing off the Maserati Ghibli. It’s a smaller  car then our quarto forte flagship sedan. It’s  nice four door sedan. Great for Los Angeles. Lots of power 404 horse power  from a 3L v6. I would dare say it’s more affordable then people would think. There are three locations to do a test drive. One in Van Nuys Boulevard, Calabasas and of course Beverly Hills.”

heartist necklaces

The Heartist necklaces and pendants

The Heartist

Designed by Hillel Rzepka, each glass heart comes in many different colors and sizes. No holes. Rzepka uses tweezers, a small stick and wire in either silver or gold to make the hook. The wire crown has a lightning bolt across the front.





Faux-Pas Workout top

Faux-Pas workout top

Faux Pas LA

Faux Pas LA This women’s wear company specializes in women’s sportswear. Using fabrics with four-way stretch They also manufacture for other sports facilities.



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