Book: Dancing for Dollars, author Victoria M. Howard, “Dancers are human beings”

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Exclusive interview with author Victoria M. Howard discussing her novel about the intersecting lives of four exotic dancers

Victoria M. Howard

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/2/5 – Out of all the books I have written this one was my favorite,” says Dancing for Dollars author Victoria M. Howard. “I believe it will open a lot of peoples eyes on the subject of exotic dancers, hermaphroditism and dominatrixes. I got the inspiration after visiting a high end gentlemen’s club in South Florida and seeing the young women interacting and entertaining the men customers. I wanted to write a book showing that dancers are human beings with feelings and are not just an object.”


Dancing For Dollars introduces four diverse dancers who meet at an upscale strip club in South Florida. Mika is a beautiful, young Geisha from Japan.




Francesca is Italian Catholic girl who got pregnant in high school. Bella, a Swedish student, has a disastrous affair with her female professor. Abigail is gorgeous, but has suffered mental and physical abuse for being born a hermaphrodite. They become playthings of the rich and powerful and must contend with johns and junkies. Can the strong bonds of the four dancers help them succeed in the gentleman club or will they escape it?


Dancing for Dollars is set in the exciting and dangerous world of exotic dancers, modeling, Hollywood, and hermaphrodites. For readers who like Fifty Shades of Grey and Magic Mike.

“The four women are supportive and loyal to each other, helping them through the darkest times,” says Howard. “It shows that women who came from different backgrounds and were all subjected to some type of abuse, prevailed.”


Howard did extensive research on the topics of hermaphroditism and sadomasochism, both online and at libraries.

In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism that has reproductive organs of both male and female sexes. Most plants and some invertebrate animals (such as snails) are hermaphrodites, can reproduce sexually with either partner acting as the female or male. Although literature may describe persons born with features of both sexes as hermaphrodites, this is not scientifically accurate. No human can perform both male or female reproduction like plants. The term intersex is becoming preferred for describing humans.

People with androgen insensitivity syndrome can outwardly appear completely female or male, may have no idea they are intersex. Other kinds of intersex conditions are physically detected immediately at birth. Intersex is different from transgender, a condition in which a person is physically of one sex but mentally feels the opposite.

As with gay and transgender, intersex persons are often persecuted for being born as they are. Human rights organizations now criticize common medical interventions performed on children without their consent to make intersex bodies conform to seem more male or female. The World Health Organization and medical journals refer to intersex traits as disorders of sex development (DSD). That intersex is a disease is vigorously contested. The Council of Europe and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have called for a review of medical classifications that stigmatize intersex.

Howard has written fifteen books, spanning the subjects of relationships, self-help, children, and horse books. She won the Equine Winnie Award in 2017 for her coffee table book, The Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found. Other books include Why women Love Bad Boys. Dancing for Dollars has yet to be optioned for film or TV.

Howard is currently writing the sequel. She is based in South Florida and was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dancing for Dollars by Victoria M. Howard.Paperback: 372 pages. Publisher: AuthorHouse (October 18, 2017). Language: English,  ISBN: 9781546210849 $20.99, Amazon Kindle $3.99. Publicist Doris Bergman.

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