CA Energy Upgrade at the GBK Gift Suite for 2015 Oscar Nominees

Lauren Wesche PR rep for Energy

Lauren Wesche PR rep for Energy Upgrade California

California wants to help you upgrade your energy efficiency

by Gabrielle Pantera

HOLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/3/12 – “Energy Upgrade California is a state wide initiative to inform Californians of ways that they can stay golden using part of Jerry Browns free sweeping goals for the state so by 2030 we want to reduce our carbon down to 1990 levels,” says Energy Upgrade Califirnia PR rep Lauren Wesche. “Energy upgrade is a non profit that’s helping them save water and energy.”

“We want to save energy we want to be the greenest state,” says Wesche. “Use energy efficient products light bulbs,  advance power strips, low flow shower-heads. Different plants in your front yards.”

“Leaving everything plugged while you’re gone on vacation or at night consumes energy,” says Wesche. “You can turn things off from your phone. Advance power strips can be used from your phone.”

There are multiple agency involved in the collaboration, and one of the other agencies decided to use the bear for energy upgrade.

“For Social media we have an instragram for the bear Twitter and facebook as well” says Wesche. “He’s also done some youtube videos.”

GBK Gift Suite Press Release

Social Media

Twitter: @EnergyUpgradeCA



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