CBS Living Biblically, star Jay R. Ferguson says, “Going to adhere strictly to the rules of the Bible”

By Gabrielle Pantera @Gpantera

Premiere Monday, Feb. 26th, 2018, at 9:30pm on CBS, a newspaper reporter experiencing mid-life crisis decides to live his life exactly as it says in the Bible

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/2/26 – “For the duration of his wife’s pregnancy, in an effort to become a better man and better prepared father he’s going to adhere strictly to the rules of the Bible,” says Living Biblically star Jay R. Ferguson. “We did an episode on false idols. He decides that like most people his false idol is his phone. So he puts his phone away for the day, goes out on the town. The problem is, now he doesn’t have his phone. So he’s got to bring a compass and camera, a map….”


“I used to being the underdog and hearing no so many times” says Living Biblically star Lindsey Craft. “When I read with Jay at the screen test I was thinking, I hope I get this part…. He texted me at 11:30 at night. I didn’t know it was him. I got a text from an unknown number, ‘Hi, it’s Jay Ferg.’ I’m thinking, what is that? What does that mean? It certainly can’t mean I didn’t get the part…. He writes, ‘I’m so happy.’ I strop reading the text right there. I said, I don’t know anything. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. He goes, ‘Oh crap.’ I think he called Johnny and Patrick Walsh, who’s the creator of the show, and said, ‘Is Lindsay definitely…?’.”

“I wanted to produce for a long time,” says Living Biblically producer Johnny Galecki, who stars in The Big Bang Theory as Leonard. “When I started my company, the fellows who started it along with me talked about wanting to start a show about religion. It’s always been a fascinating conversation to me, an important conversation to me.”

“I think the last poll I read, 83% of the world align themselves with some sort of religion,” says Galecki. “And yet what I saw on television was either very pious and sanitized and preachy. Or at the other end of the spectrum, very sarcastic and scathing and ridiculing of people with a belief. I thought, wow there’s a massive chasm of conversation to have in between that I think is important to have, and specifically a comedy. Because it’s a conversation that a lot of people are uncomfortable with, I thought, comedy is always the best way to break that down, approach conversations with humor.”

Jay R. Ferguson is Chip Curry, a modern man at a crossroads in his life. He’s a film critic for a New York Newspaper and a soon-to-be father. He decides to live strictly in accordance with the Bible.

Lindsey Craft is Leslie, Curry’s wife. An atheist, she is supportive of her husband, but sometimes at a loss to understand his behavior.

Ian Gomez is Father Gene, a Catholic priest who Chip turns to for guidance.

David Krumholtz as Rabbi Gil, Father Gene’s closest friend and swept up into Chip’s quest.

Camryn Manheim is Ms. Meadows, Chip’s boss, a no-nonsense woman who sees Chip’s religious journey as appealing to the newspaper’s readership.

Other cast members:

Produced by Alcide Bava Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. Filmed in HD in Los Angeles in front of a live audience.

Executive produced by Patrick Walsh, Johnny Galecki, Andrew Haas, Spencer Medoff. Created by Patrick Walsh

Inspired by The book The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.

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