CBS Premieres The McCarthys Tonight, New Comedy Features Tyler Ritter

The cast of the McCarthys

The cast of the McCarthys

Big Bang Theory starts out the comedy block on CBS tonight with Two and a Half Menand the premiere of The McCarthys *** Worth watching

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA, (Hollywood Daily Star) 2014/10/30 – “We did a single camera version of this two years ago and then a multicam version,” says The McCarthys executive producer Brian Gallivan. When I first was writing it, I was working as a writer on Happy Endings, rest in peace, single camera show that I loved. And so that was sort of mode I was in and thought that would work best for this show. And then, because my family they express love through insulting each other and being hateful, in a single cam that was a little dark. So in a multicam we found it was more fun to have the audience laughing and enjoying it. But, there are remnants of it. We still have our fun pops and flashbacks and things that we hope to continue and add to our multicam version of this.”

The McCarthys is about strong family ties. Tyler Ritter came to acting late. At 25 he decided to follow in his famous father John Ritter’s footsteps. His older brother Jason has been acting for years and has been successful. Ronny (Ritter) is the nucleus which the family moves around. His character is openly gay and the family is quite accepting.

This Irish family may squabble amongst themselves but they are almost like the three musketeers they’ve got each others back.. The pilot is a bit rough, but the show begins to find it’s legs in future episodes. You might think the show would do better directly after The Big Bang Theory.

“I was very impressionable as a young kid,” says The McCarthys star Tyler Ritter. “I got to see my father enjoy himself at his work. And I think any young child who sees that starts taking notes subconsciously. So I did that for all my life. And I got to see my brother on The Class, also in the same format. And I got to see him just loving every second of it, all while preparing and being responsible with their work and getting to make a couple hundred people laugh once a week. So I don’t actively try to emulate their work. I think we share enough mannerisms and physical characteristics as is that if I added anything on top of that, it would be disturbing.”

In the pilot Ronny (Ritter) who came out to his family a few years previously is contemplating moving to a new town to get away from his over-involved yet loving family. When his father’s (Jack McGee) assistant coach dies, he’s asked to take the position over his more qualified sibling. Even his sister Jackie (Kelen Coleman) knows more about sports then Ronny does. Ronny’s older twin brothers Gerard (Joey McIntrye) and Sean (Jimmy Dunn) are just as sports mad as their father. Mom (Laurie Metcalf) is especially close to to Ronny.

“This sounds very cliche to say, but people ask us why we seem so much like a family,” says The McCarthys star Kelen Coleman. “Usually we are very loud, not just on the show.”

Take a behind the scenes look at the new comedy The McCarthys starring Laurie Metcalf, Jack McGee, Tyler Ritter, Joey McIntyre, Jiimmy Dunn, and Kelen Coleman. Series premiere Thursday, October 30 9:30/8:30c. on CBS.

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Thursday at 9:30 p.m., CBS unveils The McCarthys, a new sitcom. Before the season premiere tonight of Elementary.

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