Cinemax/HBO Musical Chairs, Paralyzed Dancer Overcomes Disability

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs Mia (Leah Pipes) and Armando (E.J. Bonilla

Drama about injured dancer available on Cinemax Go today only, will be available on HBO GO starting August 15th

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2014/7/30 – Musical Chairs is the story of dance instructor Mia (Leah Pipes) who is learning to live again after being struck by a taxi and paralyzed from the waist down. Armando (E.J. Bonilla), who dances at the studio and works in his family’s restaurant, is one of the few people to visit her at the hospital.

Armando’s aspiration is to become a professional dancer. He seeks Mia’s help and hopes that he can help Mia too. Armando does research, shows Mia videos of wheelchair ballroom dancers and starts a ballroom dance class for Mia and others at the hospital. Other patients who get involved are a  transgendered woman (played by Laverne Cox), a wounded soldier, and a hard-boiled Goth girl. Mia finally checks out the class. When she does she learns New York’s first wheelchair ballroom dancing competition is in three months. As the two work together they fall in love. But their families have other ideas.

Mia’s wealthy family wants to move her back to the family home to shelter her an protect her. Armando’s mother Isabella, (Priscilla Lopez), wants him to marry the neighborhood beauty. Mia meets Chantelle (Laverne Cox), a transgendered woman, who who falls in love with one of Armando’s Puerto Rican relatives. Who is oblivious to the fact. The feeling of the movie is love will concur all.

Shot in New York you see and feel the cities energy. Written by Marty Madden, Directed by Susan Seidelman who likes to push the envelope on issues. She deals with peoples misconception of the limitations of people in wheelchairs and she includes a transgender storyline within the film. Five years ago it would not have been as easily accepted. You do need to suspend disbelief for a few things. Mia is able to do thing much faster than is realistic. It takes most people in wheelchairs years to get to the point Mia does in the movie. The dancing with wheelchairs is wonderful to see, but not that easy to learn.

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