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Jay Leno in a Shelby Cobra

Jay Leno in a Shelby Cobra

Leno interrupted The Tonight Show opening monologue last night to tell Jimmy Fallon what the future will be like, tonight Leno premieres Jay Leno’s Garage, on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 10p ET/PT

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/10/6 – “I did something really fascinating,” says host Jay Leno. “Audi has got a car…drives itself. It doesn’t just drive itself. We went up to Sonoma Raceway. I sat in the passenger seat in the backseat. The car went 100, 110 miles an hour, steering itself. It looked like the Invisible Man was driving. You see the brake being pumped, you see the steering wheel being turned and I’m just sitting there. And it did a consistent lap of two minutes, eight seconds every single time, boom, boom, boom, exactly the same.”

Jay Leno owns 135 cars, and 117 motorcycles. He genuinely loves cars. This eight-episode series aims to be the ultimate car show with humor and a knowledge of the cars he’s collected over the years. The first episode is about muscle cars. Not all the cars featured are owned by Leno. Tim Allen and other celebrities join him.

“There will be a lot of technology about the future, but you can’t really understand the future unless you kind of understand what went before it,” says Leno. “And a fascinating thing is so much of the technology we have today, we really had years ago. We just didn’t have the tools to implement them properly.”

Leno recently purchased a Tesla. “I think they’re fantastic,” says Leno. “I have a 1909 Baker electric car that goes 80 miles on a charge, and I’ve got a new Tesla that goes 300 miles on a charge, and they’re both basically the same technology, except one is obviously a huge improvement over the other.  So to answer your question, yeah, there will be a lot of future technology and hydrogen electricity.  We’ll look into all of it.”

“Usually when you do these kind of car shows, you know, and you get an expensive car, there is an insurance waiver and you can only drive it around the driveway, and you have to go around the cones and there are police protecting it,” says Leno. “I own a lot of these cars. We can just beat the crap out of them. So you’ll see them being used as intended. They’re not all mine, but a lot of them are, so that makes it I have the accessibility. The thing that restricts a lot of car shows is nobody wants to pay the waiver. For example, we had Steve McQueen’s XJSS Jaguar, a very famous one, and the car is worth $60 million.  So they wanted, you know, an insurance premium for the day. It was like $900,000.  Well, okay. So that really doesn’t work. But there are a lot of cars that have gone up in value and I’ve had for years and we can use and abuse, and hopefully people will enjoy it.”

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