CNBC The Profit, Marcus Lemonis, ‘Happening in Cuba’

Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis travels to Cuba to help new entrepreneurs and to see how they grow their business under oppression, premieres Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 10pm ET/PT

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2016/11/15 – “The Cuban people have an amazing spirit,” says The Profit star Marcus Lemonis. “Seeing how small business functions in a communist country gave me an understanding of what’s really happening in Cuba. Their tenacity and resolve despite staggering obstacles is the heart and soul of what makes that country work.”

Lemonis uses his own money to help save struggling American businesses and help them grow. This time he’s traveling to Cuba to meet both women and men business owners who finally have some freedom to grow and make their businesses thrive. Under new laws that allow private business ownership, many have become pioneers. These new capitalists meet with Lemonis and talk to him about their challenges and new opportunities.

About a half a million Cuban citizens are benefiting from the new laws. The average income in Cuba is only about $25 a month this could really help them improve their quality of life.

One woman who used to be employed by the state as a dentist started a bakery with her brother. She now makes several times her former state salary. They are doing well, but have problems acquiring all the ingredients they need, such as chocolate.

Other obstacles in Cuba are the longstanding U.S. trade embargo, broken supply chains, scarce resources, sporadic Internet service, and intense government control and interference.

Lemonis visits a clothing designer wants to open a store, but can’t due to strict laws in Cuba. A restaurant faces a limit for how many people they can seat even thought they have enough room for more people. An artist told to move by the state says there is no recourse.

Explore Cuba with Lemonis. What is the future of their businesses and the Communist bureaucracy?

Senior executive producer and vice president of long form programming Mitch Weitzner. Producers Reid Collins Jr. and Meghan Lisson. Creative consultant Amber Mazzola. Senior vice president and editor-in-chief of CNBC Business News Nikhil Deogun.

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