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Hollywood Daily Star is a news daily focused on star interviews and television and movie premieres. In a world where some dismiss upbeat news as not even being news, we take the longer view that art, not war, is what is ultimately important.

Why Hollywood Daily Star? Why Be Different?

The mainstream media has become a press corps that is all shouting and no heart. The ultimate expression of Scrooge capitalism, making money is the supreme goal of Fortune 500 journalism. The democracy of the Internet, expected to nurture a rich diversity of news sources, has instead created a journalistic race-to-bottom that makes mainstream news read like tabloid news.

Hollywood Daily Star was founded by Gabrielle Pantera with a mandate to provide upbeat entertainment news. Most journalists aspire to write hard news, because editors tell writers that such stories are “real” news. With all due respect to our hard news colleagues, to those who aspire to be Woodward and Bernstein and bring down a corrupt President, few hard news journalists ever achieve that.

The significance of most of today’s hard news headlines will not withstand the test of time. Consider Jane Austen, generally thought to be the best novelist of all time. Very little was written about her during her lifetime. As an artist and a woman, she wasn’t considered newsworthy. On the other hand, consider her contemporary Lady Caroline Lamb. Having a scandalous affair with Lord Byron made her seem very newsworthy at the time. To the regret of historians and Austen fans today, much more was written about the life of Lamb than of Austen. What journalists at the time all agreed was the important news, was not.


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