Distinctive Assets Everyone Wins Gift Bag for 2018 Oscar Nominees: Part 1

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Part one of gift bag series covering food, beauty and health gifts 

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/3/2 “Over the past 16 years, the value of individual gifts has just continued to grow,” says Distinctive Assets owner Lash Fary. Whether that’s a $40,000 in travel for a Tanzania Adventure or a lifetime supply of Oxygenetix cosmetics, brands are teaming with celebrities to promote their products.

Independently produced by Distinctive Assets for the last 16 years, the Everyone Wins nominee gift bags are delivered to nominees in the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor Best Actress and Best Director categories.  The gift bags contain a mix of  practical and extravagant items. The gift bags not endorsed by the Oscars and not affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


Chocolatines has a new collection in its Chocouture line. The jewelry box holds handcrafted cocoa jewels. Flavors include Lavender Honey Amethyst, Lemon Sage Topaz, Lemongrass Gyokuro Green Tea Emerald, Blueberry Bombay Sapphire, Smoky Sea Salt Caramel Onyx, Pomegranate Balsamic Ruby, Champagne Diamond, and Ginger Sake Pearl.

Jarritos is a Mexican soda company helping celebrities and their charitable causes. Gifting ample product for an event of the nominee’s choosing. Available in Mandarin, Strawberry, Lime, Tamarind, Guava, Grapefruit, Fruit Punch, MXCN Cola, Pineapple, Jamaica, and Mango.

Delicacies Candy & Confections are organic, vegan, hand-crafted small-batch lollipops.

Cook Yourself Happy: The Danish Way cookbook celebrates the best of Danish cuisine. Over 100 authentic dishes. Written by Caroline Fleming, starring in the reality TV series Ladies of London.

Epifruit is gifting a wooden crate filled with California oranges, and a gift card.

Posh Pretzels two-tier gourmet pretzel gift box. Unique pretzel flavors include peanut butter, mint. milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate with toffee bits. Pretzel rods and classic pretzel shapes.

Quincy Herbals Slimmax Detox Tea is an all-natural herbal tea. Soothing peppermint for slimming and digestive benefits. Get rid of stubborn belly fat. Made with 100% organic and responsibly-produced ingredients. Hints of papaya leaf, hibiscus and ashwaganda, with other weight loss herbs sourced from all over the world. The unique blend of herbs in this loose-leaf tea work together to detoxify the body, speed up metabolism and help lose weight.

Rouge Maple featuring the unique flavor of rouGe 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup and sister brand blanc.




Southern Wicked Lemonade all-natural, gluten-free, organically-sweetened full size (750ml) bottle of Southern Wicked Lemonade Moonshine. Exclusive first samples of SWL’s newest proprietary blend to be released in Spring 2018, “The Hemi” by director Anthony Hemingway. #WhyBehaveWhenYouCanBeWicked

Beauty and Health

Healing Saint By Dr. Jane 360 gave a year’s supply of Healing Saint products. Products including Luminosity Skin Serum with polypeptide complex and natural botanical extracts. Gently reduce the appearance of fine lines, fade age spots, minimize uneven tones. Increase luminosity. Healing Saint Hair Follicle Stimulant to replenish hair due to aging and essential growth factors to avoid further hair loss.

Alexis Seletzky, celebrity trainer. Ten personal training sessions. Nutrition counseling, physical therapy, strength, conditioning or training for a specific sport.

Allél DNA-based skincare. Matched to your DNA skincare needs. Developed in Sweden and made in Switzerland. Gifting a one year supply.



Blush & Whimsy Magical Color Changing Lipstick interacts with the pH and temperature of your lips to create a pink that is uniquely yours. Cruelty-free and paraben-free. Start-up based in New Mexico.

Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation alternative to conventional gum grafting. It requires no cutting, no sutures and little to no downtime. It’s minimally invasive and done through a few small ‘pinholes’ made in the gums which heal quickly, in many cases overnight. It takes very little time per tooth. John Chao, DDS, holds patents on the method and on the special dental instruments used in the procedure.

Dandi Patch traps sweat and odor with an underarm sweat patch. Be completely dry all day long.





D.Thomas Clinc DNA Treatments by skin specialist and laser expert Debbie Thomas. Thomas is gifting the D.Thomas Signature DNA Head to Toe for your best skin for face and body. Uses laser light to “soft focus” skin imperfections from head to toe.

Esther Fairfax private Lotte Berk Barre Method class for each nominee and up to six of her besties.



Face It and Eye Love It combo set is the new way to wash your face and eyes. Face It heart-shaped facecloth. is designed to completely remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse face and neck in one simple step. While cleaning your face it lightly massages and gently exfoliates your skin. Use daily morning and night. Set includes reusable face and eye makeup removers.

Hydroxycut Organic has USDA Organic certified ingredients. It’s gluten-free with non-GMO key ingredients. Hydroxycut Organic Uses certified organic C. canephora robusta.

Inception Of Beauty 10-piece marble makeup brush set. Easy to apply powder, cream and liquid formulas for the face with a flawless application is super simple. The makeup brushes come in a sleek black brush holder designed to keep brushes stylishly organized at home or on the go.

Le Céline Eyelashes Equipment is five products from \#daily, five products from #party, five products from #luxury, five products from #goddess collection and three #equipment products from LE CÉLINE. Packed in a glamorous gold & black LE CÈLINE box.

Look Fabulous Forever is a makeup brand with products formulated for older women. The Prime Collection contains three products: Smooth Like Silk Face Prime for smoothing fine lines and filling open pores, Never Feather Lip Prime stops lipstick from gathering in the fine lines around the lips, and Smooth Out Eye Prime prevents eye makeup from slipping into creases.

My Magic Mud is the first toothpaste to combine activated coconut shell charcoal and bentonite clay. The ingredients are all natural. Remove plaque, teeth stains and toxins that cause bad breath. A brighter, whiter smile.

M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases is a makeup clutch. Smaller than a large cellphone, all-in-one magnetic makeup clutch. Customize on-the-go beauty selections like never before.


Mz Skin is gifting Soothe & Smooth Collagen Activating Eye Complex. Firming eye cream contains a tri-peptide to stimulate collagen and elastin. Albazia Bark Extract to detoxify and strengthen capillaries, reducing dark circles and puffiness. Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides to restore moisture and plump and smooth fine lines. Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Mask: A gold infused, anti-ageing eye treatment mask saturated with a complex of active ingredients to smooth and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and seaweed to brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and restore hydration. Improve elasticity and firmness around the eye.

Nurse Gigi is gifting two sessions of fractionated erbium laser resurfacing treatment, followed by PRP (platelet rich plasma) and an LED light session to speed up the healing process. Non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

Oumere Skin Care No. 9 Daily Chemical gently exfoliates dead skin while promoting the generation of new skin cells naturally. Formulated with alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids. To enhance collagen, remove fine lines, alleviate acne, balance oil levels and deeply moisturize skin.

Oxygenetix is gifting a lifetime supply of Oxygenating Foundation. a breathable formula for healing that provides complete coverage. Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix, for oxygenating while delivering PCA, HLA and Multi-Tocophenals.

Paiva Aloe, Gorgeous! Luxury Cleanser & Mask Fusion is the First Psychodermatology Line for skin, psyche and soul. Paiva offers free therapeutic coaching for clients to help them be happy in their skin. Gluten-free, vegan fusion. Gifted their exclusive logo necklace representing empowerment.



Peta’s Red Carpet Ready Bath Bombs are cruelty-free and vegan. Each bubbly bath bomb dissolves to reveal a fun fact about a kind actor who has a soft spot for animals.

Proven is a beauty startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create personalized skin care products. Consumers fill out an online quiz and receive a unique skin profile based on findings from Proven’s skincare database. The Beauty Genome Project was built using bots to analyze eight million customer reviews, 100,000 skincare products and 20,000 ingredients.

Quip is a simple electric toothbrush with dental tips. Brush head and supply deliveries make the perfect brushing routine more simple, affordable and enjoyable.





TotaLee Hair uses essential oxygenated oils and powerful superfoods with science for beauty and naturally-derived ingredients. For all hair types. Celebrity hair stylist Lee Rittiner believes gorgeous salon hair can start at home.

Youth Blast is an anti-aging supplement from Age InterventionRX. Build collagen from the outside in and the inside out. Bonus gift, creator Renee Lynn’s proprietary age-erasing 24k Gold Facial protocol.

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