Downton Abbey ITV Text Santa Mini-Episode Stars George Clooney, Watch Now

George  Clooney and Hugh Bonneville

George Clooney and Hugh Bonneville

This Nine-minute Downton Abbey take-off on It’s a Wonderful Life is the funniest Downton ever, George Clooney as the new lord of the manor

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/1/4 –
“We did a sketch for charity and he [George Clooney] comes in and plays the lathario Lord Hollywood,” says Downton Abbey star Rob James-Collier, who’s always into mischief on the series as the scoundrel under butler Thomas Barrow. “It’s a spoof on Downton and very funny. He’s so charismatic. I’ve never seen so many women on the set who shouldn’t have been there.”

Parody episode of the ITV and PBS hit Downton Abbey is performed by the cast of the show with two special guests.

Downton Abbey Selfie

Downton Abbey Selfie

It’s Christmas at Downton and Lord Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) is facing financial ruin yet again. He wonders if his family would be better off without him. An Angel (Joanna Lumley) appears to show him what life would have been like with out him.

There are guest visits from Mr. Selfridge  (Jeremy Piven) of Mr. Selfridge;, also on ITV. There’s a new lord of the manor. His name, Lord Hollywood (George Clooney). He’s married Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), Lord Grantham’s wife. The servants are running rampant and the house is in chaos. But everyone loves George. Lord Grantham is jealous and outraged by all the shenanigans. Will he save Downton Abbey?

The mini-episode is nine minutes long and well worth watching. Produced for the ITV Text Santa charity initiative.

                                                          You can donate to Text Santa at until 5pm February 2, 2015, provided you’re over 16 years of age.

The next season of Downton Abbey starts in the starts on Sunday, January 4th, 2015, on PBS. Viewers in the UK have already seen it. The Downton Abbey season finale aired on  Christmas Day, 2014, on ITV. It’s another great season at Downton and, not to reveal any spoilers, nobody dies in the Christmas episode.

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