E! The Arrangement, Star Christine Evangelista says, “She wants to believe”

Christine Evangelista

Series premiere, a struggling actress marries a superstar to advance their careers, on March 5th, 2017, at 7pm PT, 10pm ET on DirecTV  

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/3/5 – “It’s sort of like, ok, well, I could use this in a way to advance myself,” says The Arrangement star Christine Evangelista. “I’m being told that this is acceptable on some level. But, I think there’s this thing between the two of them. I go back to this connection where she wants to believe that this could be something more. This is someone that she could trust. But, yeah, I think it was difficult for such a strong woman to put herself in such a vulnerable position. I was very interested to see how she navigates through that and how she comes out of it and if she sacrifices her character in some way because of it. That was very enticing for me.”


“But, I don’t think she’s really sacrificing herself in any way,” says Evangelista. “I think what Jonathan did so well was normalizing something like this, where her biggest mentor and her agent is sort of saying, you know, this isn’t the most uncommon thing. This happens in life. And this is a way for you to get to this point.”

In The Arrangement Christine Evangelista is actress Megan Morrison. She auditions for the role of a lifetime in a summer blockbuster. Her audition lands her not only the role, but also a date with an A-list movie star.

Josh Henderson is Kyle West the A-list movie star. They go on a date . Things get complicated when Megan is offered a 10 million dollar marriage contract and is introduced to Kyle’s secretive self-help organization, The Institute of the Higher Mind. Megan has a past she’s trying to keep hidden and Kyle has secrets of his own.

Michael Vartan is Terence who runs the self-help organization and Kyle’s mentor. In addition to being Kyle’s best friend and closest confidante, Terence also helps manage his career and he is the creator of this contract that is designed to protect Kyle, but his motives are often unclear.

Lexa Doig is DeAnn, married to Terrance and Kyle producing partner.

In a town where fame means everything, Megan must decide how far she’s willing to go to launch her career. She dives head first into the glamorous celebrity lifestyle, with Terence growing rapidly concerned about her influence over Kyle. She’s far more unpredictable than Terence and DeAnn have imagined.

The Arrangement stars:

  • Josh Henderson as Kyle West
  • Christine Evangelista as Megan Morrison
  • Lexa Doig as DeAnn
  • Michael Vartan as Terence

A Universal Cable production. Directed by Ken Olin. Written by Jonathan Abrahams. Produced by Jimmy Fox, Layla Smith, Gregory Lipstone and Jonas Pate.

E! is a global, multiplatform brand for all things pop culture. Available to 91 million cable and satellite subscribers in the U.S.

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