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Ed Wasielewski

Ed Wasielewski

The Agent premieres August 11th, 2015 at 10/9c, Ed Wasielewski attended Villanova and Temple Law School and has 13 years as a professional agent

By Gabrielle Pantera @hollywooddailys

HOLLYWOOD, CA(Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/8/10 – “I am always looking for high-character, talented players who are the right fit for me and my team,” says The Agent star and agent Ed Wasielewski. “Right now, I represent 25 active players on NFL teams. This number will change throughout the year when players are signed to new teams or released, or when I sign new clients already on teams. I also represent a few talented CFL players and assist my retired clients.”

“Everyone can give an opinion about a player’s draft status,” says Wasielewski. “It’s a very subjective science.”

The draft process is the time period after the college football season ends and before the NFL Draft begins. Teams evaluate each college prospect eligible to be drafted. Some of the top college underclassmen will forgo their final year of eligibility by declaring their intentions with the NFL league office to enter the draft class.”

“One of the first steps in the draft process is when a player formally selects his representation and signs with an NFL agent, who serves as the player’s advisor throughout the draft process,” says Wasielewski. “The agent’s job is to guide the player every step of the way from selecting the right training facility to providing the best cleats for the 40-yard dash, and everything in between. An agent’s job is to assist clients so that they can excel during each phase of the process and, therefore, maximize their draft potential.”

During a season, a player’s draft status may rise after a good performance. If a player performs below expectations in a big game or against a top player, then the player’s stock may take a hit with NFL scouts. Draft status, much like a stock, can rise and fall with each passing game.
“There’s no doubt that the NFL Draft can be an unpredictable experience,” says Wasielewski. “Each NFL team will have a different grade for each and every player. For the most part, a college player’s pre-draft status will fluctuate during his final college season and prior to the NFL Draft. During the lead up to the draft, an agent’s job is to gauge a player’s stock by getting feedback from NFL teams on that player’s performances at the all-star game, NFL Combine, pro-day workouts, interviews, individual workouts, and other pre-draft opportunities in front of teams.”

The first phase includes guiding the player to a training program to prepare for an all-star game and then, the NFL Combine. Some players choose to work with their team’s strength coach. Some players prefer to go to combine-specific training facilities that specialize in prepping football players for the NFL Combine drills. Players prepare for all-star games, then are mostly held in January. The NFL Combine is annually held in Indianapolis in late February. Following the NFL Combine, each college hosts a pro day workout on its campus. For players that have not been invited to participate in college all-star games or the NFL Combine, they still have an opportunity to work out for NFL scouts at their college pro day workouts or regional combines in different NFL cities.

“The players that ascend up NFL draft boards oftentimes excel during each and every opportunity to perform in front of NFL teams, whether it’s on the field or off the field during the NFL interviews and pre-draft visits in April,

“The draft process is the ultimate job interview for a college draft prospect. As an agent, my job is to make sure that a client is well prepared for the NFL Combine, all-star games, pro day workouts, interviews with teams, and much more” says Wasielewski. “I’m responsible for procuring marketing deals, handling medical issues when injuries occur, providing public relations and branding support, initiating community events such as summer football camps and outreach, and making sure that players have the proper financial team in place to assist them during and after their careers. I also connect players with trainers, nutritionists, sports performance specialists, and other industry professionals that can positively impact a client’s performance on and off the field.”

Behind every professional football player is an agent. Esquire network gives an inside look at the business behind america’s biggest sports obsession. Cameras follow four top real-life Jerry Maguire sports agents as they navigate the cutthroat world of professional football in this 10-part documentary series.

The Agent chronicles the journey leading up to the 2015 draft.

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