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Peter Schaffer.1.

Peter Schaffer

The Agent premieres August 11th, 2015 at 10/9c , Peter Schaffer has negotiated over one billion dollars in contracts as an NFL agent over 24 years and has represented Hall of Fame greats Barry Sanders and William Roaf. **** 4 stars 

By Gabrielle Pantera @hollywooddailys

HOLLYWOOD, CA(Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/8/10 – “We like to assist our clients in every facet of their professional, business and personal lives to help them avoid stress, maximize their careers, avoid problems and help them grow as people and players,” says The Agent star and agent Peter Schaffer. “These include financial planning, insurance counseling, legal advice, foundation work, charitable endeavors, and marketing and endorsements to name just a few.”

The draft process is the period from the end of a player’s college eligibility to the time of the NFL draft in late April of each year.

“The process is exciting, tiring, rewarding, stressful and fun and includes workout preparation, medical examinations, interview preparations and player marketing to teams,” says Schaffer. “It is a 24-hour a day 7-days-a-week process from January first up until the draft. The show really does a great job of documenting this period through the players and the agents.”

Schaffer’s team has access to college game film, with many former NFL talent evaluators watching tape to help select players.

“After 28 years in the business I have been fortunate enough to establish a strong network of scouts and evaluators who help us find both the right players in terms of talent as well as character,” says Schaffer. “It is a never-ending process.”

Schaffer is an agent and attorney. His firm reps between 25 and 35 NFL players at a time.

Behind every professional football player is an agent. Esquire network gives an inside look at the business behind america’s biggest sports obsession. Cameras follow four top real-life Jerry Maguire sports agents as they navigate the cutthroat world of professional football in this 10-part documentary series.

The Agent chronicles the journey leading up to the 2015 draft.


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