Exclusive: Hallmark Movie Christmas in Angel Falls: star Rachel Boston says, “Beau Bridges brought so much depth”

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Premiere, an angel needs to get the Christmas spirit back in a small town, on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries at 6pm PT, 9pm ET on DirecTV

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/12/1 – “Two years ago, I had an idea for a Christmas film about angels and started brainstorming with [author] Melissa de la Cruz,” says Christmas in Angel Falls star Rachel Boston, who has starred in may movies for Hallmark, with this her first time playing an angel.

“There’s a vulnerability in her that I loved, a purity since she is an angel and has never been in love or experienced heartbreak before,” says Boston. “She doesn’t really understand what she’s feeling. She loves to see people fall in love but has never had that for herself. That journey meant a lot to me.”


“I’ve always loved supernatural elements to Christmas movies,” says Boston. “It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite. I’m so thankful to everyone at Hallmark that they brought this dream to life.”

“The story changed throughout development but the heart of an angel falling in love with a mortal was always there,” says Boston. “Beau Bridges brought so much depth to his role of archangel Michael. That was a role that evolved a lot along the way. I love what he did with it.”

“I met Brad Krevoy and Amanda Phillips Atkins [executive producers] through [Hallmark president] Bill Abbot at the TCA [press tour],” says Boston. “It started there. We went into the network to pitch the story. I read every draft along the way. Our producer with us in Canada, Amy Krell, is a superhero. She handled most everything on set, and I focused on telling the story. And then I was involved in post production and editing.”

It’s Boston’s first experience working with Beau Bridges and Paul Green.

“Both are such wonderful men,” says Boston. “Kind, honest, and lead with integrity. I learned so much being around them. They set the bar high. Paul is so generous and would bring coffee in the morning and always keep us laughing. Beau Bridges brings this incredible sense of peace. He’s so present in his life and in his work so it was a dream to work with him.”

Rachel Boston is Gabriel “Gabby” Messinger, a Guardian Angel who keeps playing playing matchmaker. She meddles once to often and her mentor angel has to remind her of the rules.

Beau Bridge is the Angel Michael D’Angelo reminders her that they are there to offer guidance, nothing more.

Gabby just wants people who are in love to be together. Michael tells her she gets to involved and reassigns her to the town of Angel Falls. Even though the town looks festive, the Christmas spirit is missing from the town. Her assignment is to bring it back.

Gabby applies for a volunteer coordinator position that needs filling over the holiday at the local church.

Paul Greene is Jack Avery he’s a volunteer fire captain that Gabby runs into on her way to apply for the job. Jack’s not very friendly. Gabby goes to the church and gets the job.

She finds out there are not lots of volunteers. Gabby decides to get to know the town to learn about the people who live here.

As she and Jack get to know each other and they become friends. Jack is also the owner of the local hardware store.

Gabby realizes it’s going to take more then she originally thought to bring the holiday spirit back to Angel Falls. When she finds out the Community Center a place the whole town came to and used closed down a year ago she gets an idea of what she needs to do.

Gabby needs to remind them what Christmas in Angel Falls was and can be again. Jack is on board to help with repairs to the community center. As they work together Gabby begins to have feelings for Jack. Is she getting to involved again?

She’s happy the townspeople found their Christmas spirit, but Gabby realizes that she doesn’t want to leave Angel Falls.


  • Rachel Boston is Gabriel/Gabby Messinger
  • Paul Greene is Jack Avery
  • Beau Bridges is Michael D’Angelo

Executive Producers: Brad Krevoy, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips Atkins, Susie Belzberg, Jimmy Townsend, Amy Krell, Bradley Walsh and Rachel Boston. Producer David Anselmo. Production credit HP Angel Falls Productions Inc. Directed by Bradley Walsh.

Teleplay by Melissa De La Cruz, David Golden. Story by Melissa De La Cruz, Robin Bernheim Burger. Director of Photography Peter Benison. Production Manager Kietha M. Redmond. Edited by Gord McClellan. Casting by Jason Knight, John Buchan.

Boston has more romantic comedies coming out in 2018, including one with Daniel Lissing. Boston is active on social media. “I’m live tweeting. Hope to see you Saturday night.”

Twitter #ChristmasInAngelFalls @rachelboston 


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