Exclusive Interview: Hallmark A Rose for Christmas, Rachel Boston, “It Happened Fast”

Rachel Boston photo by Ryan Plummer

Original movie A Rose for Christmas premieres Sunday, January 1st, 2017, on DirecTV at 5pm PT, 8pm ET

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/1/1 – “I was sent the script and thought a romantic comedy set around the rose parade was a very fun idea,” says A Rose for Christmas star Rachel Boston. “I had a wonderful conversation with our executive producer and flew to Canada a few weeks later to start filming. It happened fast. This will be the 128th Rose Parade, so I watched a lot of footage to learn more about the history of the parade before I went on location.”

Rachel Boston stars as Andy Lindry. Andy’s family runs Sunshine Floats in Pasadena, where they build floats that will be in the Rose Parade on New Years Day. Business has been slow. Marc Bendavid is Cliff Baskers, an executive from the company that hired Sunshine Floats. A bulldozer in his approach to getting things done, he’s come to oversee building the float. Andy is creative, an artist who wants to take the time to make things perfect. What happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object? Romance, obviously.

“We had many people who work on the floats on set with us,” says Boston. “So, they were guiding us along the way. I got a call from our 2nd AD and she said, ‘Hey, so do you ice skate?’ They added an ice skating scene a week into production. I haven’t ice skated since I was a kid, so they sent me to an ice skating rink that weekend to practice. It was so much fun, and I didn’t fall once.”

Boston, who’s starred in many Hallmark movies, has an affinity for roles that show her as creative…a chef, an ice sculpting artist or designing and decorating a float. “I come from a very creative family,” says Boston. “I really enjoy exploring different art forms…one of my favorite parts of being an actor. There’s so much to learn.”

Boston will be at the Rose Parade this year, to see it in person. She will be live tweeting with the East Coast broadcast at 8/7c. In the movie Boston interacts with Mark Steines, who’s one of the hosts of the Rose Parade. “I adore him,” says Boston. “It was really fun working together. He’s so funny and wonderful in the movie. I was just at Home and Family yesterday and very excited to see him host the Rose Parade too.”

Boston has a new film, announced this week. “Melissa de la Cruz, who wrote the novel for Witches of East End, and I are doing a new project together called Angel Falls. It’s such a beautiful story, and we are very happy to be working together again. Angels all around in 2017.”

A Rose for Christmas stars Rachel Boston (Andy Lindry), Marc Bendavid (Cliff Baskers), Mark Steines (Himself), Venus Terzo (Emily), Karen Holness (Ashley), Ali Milner (Christine), Austin Obiajunwa (Eric), Nels Lennarson (Lou), Graham Croft (Elliott), Diane Verhiel (Mary), Michael Kopsa (Big Al), Darryl Shuttlesworth (Ellsworth), Ramon Terrell (Doctor Lew), Katherine Slingsby (Amelia), Jenson Kerr (Auctioneer), Andrew J. Watson (Football Coach), Nicholas Simmons (Football Player), Darlene Tait (Hotel Manager), Justin Carter (Man), Roderick Glanville (Mayor), Leanne Allen (Shopkeeper)

Executive producers: Joel S. Rice and Michael Prupas. Producer Harvey Kahn. Production company Muse Entertainment. Directed by Kevin Fair. Teleplay by Gregg Rossen & Brian Sawyer. Director of Photography Tyler Walzak. Production Designer Trevor Belcourt. Art Director Ryan McCondach. Editor: Gordon Rempel, C.C.E. Casting director Tiffany Mak, CSA.

Hallmark Channel, owned by Crown Media Family Networks, is distributed to 66 million U.S. homes.

Twitter:@rachelboston,@marcbendavid,@MarkSteines @hallmarkchannel

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