Exclusive: Ovation Versailles star Anna Brewster says, “Things got a lot darker”

Anna Brewster

Premiere Episode Versailles October 14th, 2017,  7pm PT, 10pm ET on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/9/14 – “I play Madame de Montespan, his mistress, his favorite mistress,” says Versailles star Anna Brewster. “Season one ends as Louis and Montespan get together. Season two we pick up and she is the favorite.”


“She is eight months pregnant by him,” says Brewster “It’s the top of her reign. Historically, she had seven children by him. We’re only going to explore one. She’s really at the top of her game. Season two gets a lot darker than season one. It’s what it means to be the king’s favorite. Historically, favorites come and they go. There’s the fallout of that as she will struggle to keep his attention. The ways she goes about doing that which are sometimes crazy.”

There’s a great scene of the king’s wife and mistress choosing the next wife of the king’s brother.

“When I initially read that scene I read it as kind of bitchy, the brazenness of it,” says Brewster. “It must be so tough. But then as we were exploring it, as we were blocking it, I was talking to the director, and he was saying, maybe we try it where there’s more of a respect between you two. So she’s like, I’m sorry, I know this is awkward, and I’m sorry I’m treading on your toes, but this is the way it is and we have to manage this. That brought a different element to that scene. It was quite nice because then it dictated the rest of the show. There is a point that she does switch, that it becomes survival mode. There is a rivalry between them. But, at this point, the mutual thing they’re trying to do in that scene is pick someone who is not going to be a threat to them. The king it’s about him and about his love. It was a fun scene to shoot. It’s also nice because Elisa [Lasowski] and I are really good friends.”

“I’m a very sort of smiley person,” says Brewster. “I get the giggles all the time. I watched season two and said I didn’t know I could be so sad and so serious. The main thing to talk about is coming back and being eight months pregnant. That was a big challenge. It was all prosthetic. I was getting up at 4am, going to work, standing there still for two and a half hours. And, that’s before I get into hair and makeup. So it was a really long process. On top of that, it’s costume…having the skirt, the under-skirt, the shirt, the under-shirt, there’s also the belly to her as well.”

“There’s a scene where she’s tightening the dress where the doctors say it isn’t healthy,” says Brewster. “But Montespan was denying her pregnancy. She didn’t want to acknowledge it. I don’t want to see this child. Imagine having to wear a corset and being pregnant at the same time. Pretty intense.”

The costumes of season two… The main change is there’s an over-dress that sort of ties under. It creates a different shape. There’s this ruffle at the back, which they didn’t have before.

“I studied fashion,” says Brewster. “I remember finding it fascinating learning about the changes over time.”

Brewster’s character’s color palette doesn’t change.

“My color palette has always been browns and greens, which is great because I love green,” says Brewster. “There’s a scene where she gets given more jewelry. We’re actually allowed to choose our jewelry. I have a box. In the morning, if we’re starting a new day, if it’s not been set out yet, I can choose what I want. I always have my favorite earrings. They’re a triangle with two little pearls at the bottom and a pearl in the middle. I always like to wear them because they’re like the Eiffel Tower. I wasn’t really a fan of wearing necklaces. There’s a scene where I get given a necklace, which comes back later on. I don’t wear necklaces. I wore the same three rings through both seasons. There are little bits that make you, you. They were very free and open with us, unless it was plotted in the script.”

“The thing I found most challenging about playing her, I’m not very funny [witty],” says Brewster. “I just laugh at myself. I’m silly. Jessica [Clark], who plays Palatine, is very witty. That was a challenge for me in season one. When we went to season two and things got a lot darker, we’re telling the love story and the fallout of the love story. I, just on a personal level, had not long come out of a very hard break-up. It was easy for me to tap into that emotion, which was useful at that point. I found the comedy harder than the drama. What’s really nice with this show…I’ve never been a show for three seasons before, to really develop a character. It’s your character. They’re writing for you.”

Brewster has filmed season three of Versailles. She recently shot a film in Lithuania. In October, this month, she’s to start a film, a thriller, shooting in Naples.

Instagram @messbrewster. “I should probably change that,” says Brewster. “My Facebook is very private. I don’t use Twitter.”

Season 2 Plotline

Anna Brewster as Madame de Montespan won the king’s attention. She gets a taste for power. Determined to keep it, she fulfills his every sexual desire and flatters the king. She becomes the king’s favorite. Now she must keep her place from all possible replacements.

Suzanne Clément is Madame Agathe whom Montespan goes to for help with keeping the king’s attentions and love. But she may have overplayed her hand as others are waiting for her fall.

A delicious scene in the second season of Versailles is George Blagden as King Louis XIV asking his wife Elisa Lasowski as Queen Marie-Therese and mistress Anna Brewster as Montespan to pick out a new wife for his brother Alexander Vlahos as Prince Philippe, who lost is wife in the first season. The king has an idea they will agree and pick the one he wants and they play into his hands. They select Princess Palatine, played by Jessica Clark.

There is danger within the palace walls. Intrigue and murder become the rule of the day. The show mixes facts and some fiction. There is conflict that feeds the drama in the palace. They use as many true facts about characters as can be found.

Executive Producers

  • Simon Mirren
  • David Wolstencroft
  • Claude Chelli
  • Jean Bureau
  • Anne Thomopoulos


  • Thomas Vincent, Season 2
  • Mike Barker, Season 2
  • Louis Choquette, Season 2
  • Jalil Lespert, Season 1

Ovation TV acquired Season 2 rights from Banijay Rights, the international distribution arm of Banijay Group. Capa Drama, Zodiak Fiction and Incendo co-produce the series, a Canal+ Creation Originale.

Season 2 Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: The Labyrinthe
  • Episode 2: A Still Small Voice
  • Episode 3: Who Will Guard the Guards
  • Episode 4: Miasme
  • Episode 5: War and Peace
  • Episode 6: The Sands of Time
  • Episode 7: A Night
  • Episode 8: The New Regime
  • Episode 9: Seven Shadows
  • Episode 10: Of Blood and Stone


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