Exclusive: Ovation Versailles, star Elisa Lasowski says “I can handle the corsets more than the wigs”

Elisa Lasowski

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Episode premiere, November 4th, 2017 at 7pm PT 10pm ET on DirecTV

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/11/4 – “I can handle the corsets more than the wigs,” says Versailles star Elisa Lasowski, who plays the Queen of France, wife of Louis XIV. “Being the queen they decided to make the hair pieces huge. I do have to carry them on my head. Not that easy to juggle with. First day back, a little bit nervous, as we are when we perform.”


Versailles Episode 5 Trailer 

“It’s such a spectacle,” says Lasowski. “There’s such a shift from how we look today and what the aesthetics were in another world. Although I feel more familiar with this space in season three, I still get blown away by it. Absolutely wonderful décor.”

“I knew what I wanted to do in terms of taking the character to…create something slightly different,” says Lasowski. “In one of the opening scenes that we had on my birthday was something where she sort of snaps a little bit, and I thought it was about time.”

“What’s interesting about a TV series, the most positive thing for an audience and the actor, is you get to develop a character over time,” says Lasowski. “You never get to do it in a film where you go from A to Z in quite a short amount of time. The challenge with that is to re-invent yourself and find new elements every time. Of course, the scripts bring that. But there is a form of repetition that exists in the way that series are built. At every given point you have to remind the audience of who are and what your relationship with other characters. The real challenge is to find new things, to keep it fresh. It’s interesting to play contradictions, as human beings are. You end up creating the character with things you’ve experienced and the scripts you’re given. Whenever a character has another layer to play I find that interesting. And, the queen has that. She’s quite mysterious.”

“We are condensing history,” says Lasowski. “The characters are not aging that much.”

Elisa Lasowski is Queen Marie-Thérèse, the first wife of King Louis XIV. They married in 1660. She was known for her virtue, being religious and pious.Queen Marie-Thérèse tried help set the the moral compass of the court.

George Blagden is King Louis XIV, he married his cousin to try to end the long-standing war between France and Spain.

The show is very popular overseas and here in America. Filmed at Versailles, sound stages and at other chateaus in the area.

Versailles was originally the former hunting lodge of Louis XIII. His son Louis XIV made it the royal seat of power. He hoped having all the aristocrats under one roof he could control them. The envoys from other countries helped create the tension and upheaval. It also made it easier for the king to have many mistresses. Versailles is open to the public, popular with tourists.

Lasowski’s first role was in David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises as a prostitute, and also as a prostitute in Game of Thrones. She speaks four languages and had a featured role in David Bowie’s last video Blackstar.

Between shooting seasons two and three of Versailles she’ll shoot an art house film with Swedish director Marcus Werner Hed, in which she has the lead.

“In the last three years, while filming Versailles, I’ve had an English film come out, Hyena,” says Lasowski. “Very much an art house film. My character was an Albanian woman who is a victim of human trafficking, based on reality. I had the incredible honor in being in David Bowie’s last video, Black Star. Between season 1 and season 2 I did a student film because they contacted me and I loved their script. I’m very open to going where I find the stories interesting. And a load of press. We’ve been very busy because Versailles has done very well. As actresses we get asked to do a lot of photo shoots. I’ve done a lot of magazines. I’m supposed to be shooting a film in London soon that I can’t say much about.”

“My Instagram account is private,” says Lasowski who likes social media but can’t find the time. “My Twitter I tweet something like every three months.”


Executive producers Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft, Claude Chelli, Jean Bureau and Anne Thomopoulos. Directors of season two: Thomas Vincent, Mike Barker and Louis Choquette.

Ovation TV acquired season two rights from Banijay Rights, the international distribution arm of Banijay Group. Capa Drama. Zodiak Fiction and Incendo co-produce the series, a Canal+ Creation Originale.

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  • Episode 7: A Night
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  • Episode 9: Seven Shadows
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