Exclusive: Ovation Versailles star Jessica Clark says, “I thought, ok, I’ve arrived”

Jessica Clark

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

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HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/ 10/ 21 –  “The first time I filmed at Versailles Palace was the arrival scene,” says Versailles star Jessica Clark. “So I arrived, got into all the beautiful costumes and wig, and got into a carriage. I rode in a horse-drawn carriage through the gates of Versailles. I thought…ok, I’ve arrived. It was incredible. That first day we just worked in the courtyard.”

Clark loves her costume’s color palette.

“I had no say in it,” says Clark. “I didn’t know that was going to be my color. I didn’t know they were going to chose that blue route. With my fair skin, my blue eyes, it just was a perfect fit. What’s great is that’s my favorite color.”

“We went with less jewelry with Palantine,” says Clark. “She’s younger. She’s less concerned about her appearance. She goes riding all the time. Doesn’t really want to be weighed down by jewelry. There are a few pieces, necklaces, and there’s a ring I wear in every scene. In my head, it was the ring I brought from Germany…like her family ring.”

“She’s young,” says Clark. “It’s her first time in Versailles. She’s come with all her things from Germany. There’s the slow drip of the influence of Versailles while not wanting to compromise who she is. The hair changes. The wardrobe changes slightly.”

“Season two for me the wig is very light, because most of the hairstyles are down, quite loose,” says Clark. “Season three, however, it’s all getting much grander. I know that the other girls have had heavy necks. It’s so beautiful, but it’s like a whole other head on top of your head. I was a lucky escape. The arrival from Germany, the hairstyle is very different and doesn’t really fit into Versailles.”

“She cared more about the outdoor life, and nature, and being free. She liked to ride like a man, which was amazing fun. I’m really glad I got to ride properly and not sidesaddle. She…I…wore the dress.”

Before being cast, Clark went through two auditions.

“I had basically a tape audition where you go in an meet the guest director and they tape and send it off,” says Clark. “I just had the one scene, the scene where you first meet her on the bridge, where she’s relieving herself by the side of the bridge. An amazing scene to receive as an actor. You have to read that scene and that’s all you get. I didn’t have any other sense. I kept looking for history and who she was, but season one wasn’t out in England. There wasn’t anything out particularly about it.”

Jessica Clark is Princess Palatine chosen by the king’s wife and his mistress as the second wife of the king’s brother.

Alexander Vlahos, Jessica Clark and Evan Williams

Alexander Vlahos is Prince Philippe, the king’s brother. His first wife Princess Henriette knew how to play the games in the court, before she died tragically.

The king allows his brother to have a male lover. Evan Williams is Chevalier de Lorraine. However, his brother must be married to produce children. Princess Palatine is unsophisticated, yet a very witty woman. She says what’s on her mind, a breath of fresh air for the court and the king.

Season two was filmed last year. Even thought it’s a mans world, the women are the ones making the changes and taking the chances. There are lots more women in the show that drive what happens.

Jessica Clark stays busy with London theater between seasons of Versailles.

“Most of my work has been in the theater. That’s my background. I did four or five theater shows between season two and season three. One of them won an Olivier Award of which I’m so proud, happy to be part of that. Another play I have a lot of love for is called Skin a Cat, a play I did in London by an incredible American playwright Isly Lynn. It’s all about a condition called vaginismus. A lot of women get it and I didn’t know anything about it. It’s like the walls of your vagina spasm, so you can’t have sex in the normal, traditional way. It’s about this girl’s experience of growing up, being a woman and her experience of sex. It’s very, very funny, but it’s very moving.”

“I have Facebook, but it’s private. I have Twitter, which I trying to get better at using. I’m ok with it.”


Executive producers Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft, Claude Chelli, Jean Bureau and Anne Thomopoulos. Directors of season two, Thomas Vincent, Mike Barker and Louis Choquette.

Ovation TV acquired season two rights from Banijay Rights, the international distribution arm of Banijay Group. Capa Drama. Zodiak Fiction and Incendo co-produce the series, a Canal+ Creation Originale.

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