Exclusive Ovation Versailles, star Suzanne Clement says, “I’m very playful”

Suzanne Clément

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Premiere of season two on September 30th , 2017, at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT on DirectTV

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/9/29 –“She’s such an intriguing character,” says Versailles star Suzanne Clément. “I was keeping a bit more to myself when I first arrived. I had seen season one. I loved the characters. I loved the action.”

“For my hair…they tried different things,” says Clément . “We tried something that was more crazy. And I loved it, but the director said that’s too crazy for the period. The costume designers gave me samples of the pieces of the fabric. It was bumpy. It was very dark…dark burgundy. It was complex and the hair was complex. That was inspiring for me. She has texture. She is a woman of different purposes.”

“I made research about the poisoners of this epoch, what their lives were,” says Clément. “The set was very interesting. The props were amazing, the décor. The house where I live is beautifully made. I have this helper, like my assistant, a guy changed as a woman. I love this guy. He’s never played before. The looks we would give each other. Tiny things that are good for acting.”


“I’m very playful,” says  Clément when asked how she’s like her character. “She’s very playful. I like the thrill of life. I like to challenge life. I think she does. I think she likes pushing limits. I think she likes to see how much she can pull. I have this in me, but I think I’m a better person than she is. She’s had to make her way in a very tough world. She’s had to do it in a very different way than normally women would do in this certain period of time. She’s a strong person. She’s conniving. She’s manipulative. She knows how to pull strings. Her intentions are not that clean. She can have compassion, too. She likes to have power over people, to make them do what she wants to do.”

“At first, she arrives, I think she has this ethic about reading [Tarot] cards, that if she sees something she has to say it,” says Clément . “She thinks it will bring her something good from the king, and it doesn’t. Maybe this will change her way of seeing the king or maybe she’ll want to retaliate. She plays all ends. At this moment she really goes for it.”

“I’m working on three movies,” says Clément . “I was doing two when I was working on Versailles. It’s all movies from France. Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, who did The Inseparables, I’m in their new movie. I did another movie called My Mother’s Laugh, where I place the mother. I did a TV series in France called The Forest.”

“I don’t post often on Twitter and haven’t been on Facebook for a year,” says Clements.

In the first season, King Louis XIV changes from being a boy king to a man after the death of his mother. He takes control of the court and courtiers. He doesn’t trust them and takes absolute control over France. His actions create enemies within and outside his court. He is obsessed with turning Versailles into his own little kingdom.

Anna Brewster is Madame de Montespan, his current favorite. She’s been to see a seer. She wants to secure the love of the king for herself.

Suzanne Clément is Madame Agathe, a seer who reads Tarot cards. Her home is near the palace. Many from Versailles have been to her for divination potions and poison. She’s had her own business for a while. She’s mysterious, loyal, and don’t cross her. She plays to win even against a king.

In season two the nobles are jockeying for their place in the Sun King’s world. They feel trapped at Versailles. All sorts of vices begin to become apparent…gambling, drinking to excess. As they grow bored they begin to poison each other. The deceit and vices push King Louis XIV to leave for war against arch enemy William of Orange. Will he find his way back to being the Sun King?


Executive producers Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft, Claude Chelli, Jean Bureau and Anne Thomopoulos. Directors of season two, Thomas Vincent, Mike Barker and Louis Choquette.

Ovation TV acquired season two rights from Banijay Rights, the international distribution arm of Banijay Group. Capa Drama. Zodiak Fiction and Incendo co-produce the series, a Canal+ Creation Originale.

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