Film, A Royal Night Out, Princess Elizabeth Flies the Coop in WW2 London

Sarah Gadon as Princess Elizabeth Photo Nick Wall.NEF

Sarah Gadon as Princess Elizabeth Photo Nick Wall.NEF

In theaters, the story of Princess Elizabeth escaping her handlers to be a regular girl for one night at the end of WW2 **** Four Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA  (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/12/11 – “The whole of Britain, including the Palace, was boarded up during the War,” says A Royal Night Out director Julian Jarrold. “Everyone was on rations and the princesses had barely been out in the real world. The troops were coming back. Suddenly there was an explosion of color and light. So A Royal Night Out is a fairy tale in reverse. The princesses go from the palace into the magical world of the crowds.”

“I read a great book by Kate Williams called Young Elizabeth: The Making Of Our Queen,” says A Royal Night Out star Sarah Gadon.The book talked a lot about Margaret and the family dynamics. I also learned about the iconography of the family. It is very important to the royal family that they cultivate a very specific look for themselves. Understanding and de-constructing that was helpful to me. A lot of what I was doing was breaking down the icon and playing the girl behind the princess.”

A Royal Night Out tells of a time of jubilation that war is over, that life will return to normal. Elizabeth’s sister Margaret is so young she doesn’t understand the risqué clubs she’s being led into. Elizabeth’s adventure around the streets of London are fun but tempered by a disillusioned pilot she meets. That she in unfamiliar with the streets of London makes everywhere seem new to her. She sees firsthand how the people feel about England and who are loyal to the Crown, that is, her.

On May 8th 1945  Britain celebrates the end of WWII. Two princesses Elizabeth (Gadon), the heir to the throne now 19, and her younger sister Margaret (Bel Powley) have been sheltered living at the palace. With the end of the war they want to go out celebrate. Their mother (Emily Watson) doesn’t want them to go, but the king (Rupert Everett) allows it. Mum has two military guardsmen who are to accompany them. At the Ritz Elizabeth realizes her mother has tricked them . It’s not the dance that everyone else is attending but a stuffy formal reception. Margaret escapes their chaperones and so does Elizabeth as she follows to search for her flighty younger sister. Elizabeth meets Jack, a decorated airman who’s seen too much. Jack has no idea that he’s with Princess Elizabeth, as he helps “Lizzy” search for her sister Margaret.

In Theaters. Rated PG-13

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