Focus Features The Zookeeper’s Wife, star Jessica Chastain says, “Be brave and strong”

Jessica Chastain

USA theatrical premiere, during World War II a wife hides refugees, on March 31st, 2017

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/3/31 – “I think we do have a stereotype that in order to be brave or strong it’s somehow connected to violence” says The Zookeeper’s Wife star, Jessica Chastain. “I don’t think you can ever fully comprehend what happened there and what that is”.


“Antonina Zabinski is married to Jan and he’s the zookeeper at the Warsaw Zoo, in World War II” says Chastain. “She and her husband decide to risk their lives and the lives of their children to smuggle people out of the ghetto and hide them in the zoo”.

Based on the life story of a working wife and mother who became a hero during WWII. After Poland is invaded by the Germans in 1939, Jan and Antonina are forced to follow the orders of the Reich’s zoologist. A very dangerous situation when they decide to join the resistance to help the Jews.

This film stars:

The Zookeeper’s Wife was directed by Niki Caro. Written by Angela Workman. Adapted from the book by Diane Ackerman. Jeff Abberley producer. Julia Blackman, Marc Butan and Jessica Chastain as executive producers.

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