GBK Gift Lounge Celebrates 2018 Oscars Nominees and Presenters

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

St Supery

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/3/16 – Held the Friday and Saturday  just before the Oscars in Beverly Hills at the St. Supery Estate Tasting Salon. the GBK Gift Lounge rewards artists, presents new products and supports charity. The Tasting Salon is open daily through August 2018. Guests may choose from one of their featured wine flights while seated at an intimate bistro table overlooking North Rodeo Drive. St Supery gifted a VIP Tasting experience to their Napa Vineyards.


GAIN Foundation, The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has a mission to end malnutrition within our lifetime. Half the people on the planet today are malnourished, with children under the age of five most effected. It effects their health and future, blocking their ability to live up to their potential.

Route 91 Strong was created in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. Route 91 Strong provides financial resources to those effected by the shooting, will help support families long term. The organization provides support to victims of other tragedies including the Texas church shooting.


Presenting sponsor II Palato presented delicious Italian entrees and deserts. Celebrities received a panettone created by Mauro Scaglia, brought from Italy. The dough used raised with a 81-year-old yeast, is 100% fresh and organic, packaged in an elegant black and gold box with illustrations by Italian artist Monica Zani. Celebrities received a certificate for an Italian dinner experience at home for up to 15 people, served exclusive dishes paired with wines. The third gift is a deluxe gift box with beautiful handmade stainless-steel fork for cooking pasta, organic tomato sauce, organic pasta, extra virgin olive oil (value: $19,000).

GE C Sol

GE Lighting’s C by GE “Lights the Way You Live” with an all-in-one smart light voice-controlled by Amazon’s Alexa. Tell it to change the level of light you want get as well as set a timer. It also uses lights to indicate the time. The connectivity of GE C light is part of their innovation and IOT development. GE is gifting celebrities GE Lighting’s C by GE Sol voice.


ADM (Asian Design Management Forum & Art Design Media Festival) Hangzhou Xibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 for the Shanghai World Expo and G20 Hangzhou Summit. In 2013, Xibo founded Asian Design Management Forum. Based in the market of China and Asia to integrate global innovative resources through innovation and development of industry.

ADM is one of the biggest design management forums in Asia, the biggest exhibition of ideal life fair in China. ADM is a Chinese strategic partner of gift suite organizer GBK. In November ADM is launching a luxury gift lounge in China with invited celebrities and media. GBK and ADM are partnered to bring products from China to the USA. Celebrities receive a 4-night stay at a 5-star hotel, as well as a VIP Experience during their ADM Conference in November. (Value: $2000)

Artisan Group is gifting celebrities a large bag of items from artisans who make handcrafted jewelry, accessories, bath products, spa items, candles, fine art, a perfume kit, and other handmade gifts. The artisans are based around the world. (Value: $1000)

Bar None Foods,, founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, makes wholesome bars that are allergen-free. They make bars without nuts. Some of the flavors are unusual. Gifted sampler boxes of their nutrition bars in five flavors. (Value: $15)

Bouvery CV

Bouvery CV is a luxurious dark chocolate vodka that is made with gluten-free vodka and organic fair trade cocoa. America made in Connecticut at a family owned craft distillery. Hand bottled and numbered in small batches. Gifted a 375ml bottle of Bouvery CV (Chocolate Vodka) in a BCV branded velvet bag. (Value: $40)

Cambria Gallery in Manhattan Beach showed off a kitchen, bar, conference room, and multiple office spaces. The private conference room has space to spread out and plan, to discuss the design of your space. Host events at the new gallery or a roomy deck overlooking the ocean. Gifted $5000 towards a kitchen. They’ve made a film called the Legend of Cambria. A Kingdom torn apart is brought together by the youngest heir to the throne. Beauty meets inspiration where land meets the sea at the new Cambria. (Value: $5,000)

coMra Palm is a personal device with an infrared laser to stimulate healing in four basic colors. (Value: $399.00)

Dagoma USA is a small, personal-size 3D printer. Plastic in a number of different colors and wood. Upload the pattern you want and it starts building it. You will have to change the colors if you want the item to be different colors. NEVA. (Value: $420)

Tanzanite Bolo Bracelet

Diamonds International was founded in 2010. Safi Kilima Tanzanite is is exclusive to Diamonds International and Tanzanite International store, the largest tax and duty-free jewelry retailer in the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska. Safi Kilima Tanzanite stones are a blue violet. Gifted Safi Kilima Tanzanite bolo bracelet, featuring five oval tanzanite stones linked together with the infinity symbol and a sliding adjustable clasp. (Value: $200)

Healing Salt from the Salt Caves Canada, creates salt caves, The Healing Salt Cave Halotherapy Wellness Centre and Holistic Spa provide salt therapies and holistic treatments for body rejuvenation and relaxation. For asthma, allergies, bronchial infections, pneumonia, COPD and cystic fibrosis. Gift certificate valued at $350 for any Healing Salt Cave in Canada and the United States, plus two shot glasses made from pure pink salt for tequila shots.

ICON Aircraft is a consumer sport plane manufacturer founded in the FAA sport flying category. The ICON A5 is a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). To fly it requires a Sport Pilot License which can be earned at an ICON Flight Center. Consumer-friendly, the wings fold up for easy storage.

John Kelly Chocolates are made by hand in small batches in Los Angeles. The award-winning chocolates are carried at luxury retailers nationwide. John Kelly gifted an 8-piece assortment box. (Value: $33.00)

Living in Gratitude Today has created practical tools to help practice gratitude. Look for the good in your life. Gifted #GRATEFUL shirts and AFFIRMAITION bracelets. (Value: $35)

Mark Hamill Star Wars star with My Sky My Moment Photo  from GBK

My Sky Moment depicts the night sky for a specific date, time and location. As a gift, or to commemorate a significant event. My Sky Moment honors birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other special events. Printed on heavy photo stock paper, star charts for a cherished memory. (Value: $90-180)

NICA Travel gifted a 3-Days, 2-Nights stay in the historical city of Granada at Hotel Plaza Colon for two people. The trip includes a boat tour and island hopping at the archipelago of Lake Nicaragua, the island sland Lunchin Isletas sii Granada, a volcano crater view night tour of Volcan Masaya to see boiling lava, a walking tour through historical cathedrals, a coffee plantation tour, and a goodbye dinner at the Calle La Calzada in downtown Granada. (Value: $2800)

Nanocueticals Solution is FDA-registered Nanoceutical company, vitamins and supplements using nanotechnology. Gifted nano-sized Sublingual Glutathione manufactured in the USA. (Value: $65.00)



OG Hot Sauce is a spicy hot sauce. The OG stands for Onion and Garlic. Mild or hot and spicy, non-GMO and gluten-free. (Value: $24)




Pinn, LLC is Bluetooth a enabled earbud and pinn that clips to anything. Easy-to-read LED know-who’s-calling display. Microphone and earbud. (Value: $379)


Shapa in Cherry

Shapa is display-free scale hardware with an app to analyze and track your weight, and to motivate you to improve your lifestyle. (Value: $146)

Surf Air is a membership airline with daily service between the Bay area and L.A. and beyond. Easy booking. Private arrival and departures. Arrive just 15 minutes before your flight. The planes are Swiss Pilatus PC-12 aircraft with leather interiors, electric outlets at every seat, and a cabin shared with seven other Surf Air members. Surf Air gifted a complimentary flight. Surf Air serves California, Texas and Europe with scheduled flights. (Value:$1600)

Swanky Retreats magazine treated celebrities with the gift of relaxation and travel. Enjoy the Hilton Puerto Vallarta with two nights at their all-inclusive resort set amidst the Bay of Banderas. Swanky Retreats offered a choice of 2-night Portugal stays, at Nau Hotel, Hilton Villa Moura, or Real Marina Hotel 8c Spa Santa Eulalia. (Value: $1200 Each)

Texere Silk is a Connecticut-based global sourcing company offering apparel, accessories, and home goods made from natural, renewable plant resources. TexereSilk gifted 100% silk pillowcases and a voucher for one free item from their website. (Value: $180)

Woodchuck USA has a mission to put nature back into peoples’ lives. A daily reminder with their real wood products. For every product sold they plant a tree. WoodChuck gifted customized sets, engraved on-site. (Value: $150)

Woodhouse Spa is a 5-star luxury spa located in the The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. Over 70 rejuvenating spa treatments. Woodhouse Spa gifted a luxury gift experience (Value: $1000)

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