GBK Gift Lounge Recognizes 2018 Golden Globe Nominees

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/1/18 – The GBK Gift Lounge was held at the Montage in Beverly Hills, rated the #1 hotel in Los Angeles in Conde Nast Travelers Readers’ Choice Awards. In addition to gifts, the gift lounge had two official charities, to help the homeless and to promote bravery.


Food on Foot assists the homeless in Los Angeles. The goal is to get them on their feet again. They provide free meals, full-time jobs, housing, and help to build their confidence.

Today I’m Brave non-profits mission is to “to inspire individuals and organizations through Brave initiatives and by sharing Brave stories. They want people to share their own bravery and feel it will help other be brave themselves.  They gifted attendees with a today in Brave tee shirt, necklace and shoelaces, and cards to share with people who want to share their brave stories. Brave stories by our Brave ambassadors including Rosie Perez and Curt Smith from Tears for Fears.

Beverages and Food

Good Greek Grill was in the lounge provided Greek finger food. Your choice of meat or they have a fabulous vegetarian choice of dolmas with yogurt sauce and lettuce tomatoes and onion. They were gifting an Exclusive New Gyro Party. Value: $700

Blue Nun was founded in 1789. It’s a family owned winery located in the Mosel region of Germany headed today by seventh 7th generation family Member Patrick Langguth. They were gifting their 24K Gold Edition Sparkling Wine. The white sparkling wine is slightly sweet and yes has gold flakes that are ingestible. There is also a Rose without the flakes that is not as sweet, but just as flavorful. They also had 24K Gold edition chocolate for munching.

Hiro Sake was there with two different sakes. Their Hiro Blue Junmai Ginjo Sake is a super-premium Japanese Sake. The also had their junmai daiginjo sake or Gold Sake is their ultra-premium sake. Hiro is crafted in Niigata Japan and is naturally gluten free, sulfite free and low in calories.  $100

Moraga Vineyards  Moraga Bel Air white was first produced in 1998 from Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown on their Bel Air estates. Floral notes with a suggestion of stone fruits. Moraga estate red is produced from grapes cultivated on steep hillsides and bench land. Flavors are dark fruits like cherries, cassis plums and berries. Gifted Gifting Moraga Vineyards white and red wine, as well as a wine and cheese tasting at the vineyard in Bel Air. $250

Author Rodney D. Bullard signed his book Heroes Wanted: Why the World Needs You to Live Your Heart Out. Bullard says everyone can be a hero in their own lives and help others. The book demonstrates how to make a difference with compassion and how to share your own story. Reflections and an action guide. Bullard is the executive director of the Chick-fil-A foundation.

LMK Art displayed Swarovski crystal-studded City of Los Angeles medallions with all gold Swarovski crystals. Swarovski Buddhas to display at home. Lissa  Kivsto is artist and curator. Gifted some of her own artwork. $500

Burke-Williams Spa offered mini massages and a choice of facial masks, along with a moisture serum from their H2V line and spa passes for any Burke Williams Location. $250+

Avery Verse Bag Company, based in Australia, designed and handcraft their handbags from eco-friendly Italian leather, Luxurious and timeless. $300 to $660

Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Gold Collection includes Chocolate Gold Bar Palette, Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer, Melted Gold liquid lipstick, and Better Than Sex Mascara.  $125

The Artisan Group gift bags included Maple Syrup & Co bracelets made of wooden beads that smell like maple syrup, thank you note cards from Beez Kneez Designs, Good Deed Bracelet from Horse Feathers Gifts that has five beads of another color to remind ourselves to do five little things for others, silver earrings from Bead Indulgences, gold teardrop earrings with beads from CY design studio, and Vetiver lime shave soap for the men from Three Sisters Apothecary. In the lounge, were bracelets made from recycled leather knit and crocheted items, necklaces and a new skin care line.

BOPULENT  hand-made customized fine jewelry from California. $300

Avocado Sock is a sock to help your avocado become ripe. Take a hard avocado put it in the sock which is made of wool leave it in a warm place and in about two day’s it ready for you to make avocado toast or guacamole.  $75

Kinetic Magic is an immersive augmented realty video projection installation. For recipients to entertain guests at future parties and events with interactive visuals highlighting beautifully stylized versions of themselves dancing and painting on a large life-size screen. $7,000

Vinci Headphones was founded by two MIT alumni in 2014. The Vinci is a SIM-enabled standalone music player with integrated music services, voice and touch controls, large local storage, high quality audio, 3D recording, fitness sensors, and an advanced recommendation algorithm. Vinci 1.5, the world’s first standalone AI headphones. $219

Mymanu smart consumer electronics empower and enrich through the power of sound. Mymanu Clik, the world’s first wireless earbuds with live translation and pristine sound quality. $325

The Mill is a visual effects and content creation studio collaborating on VFX, digital and design projects for the advertising, games and music industries. The Mill demonstrated their cutting-edge narrative content in Virtual Reality, around the topic of bravery. $300

Nanoleaf makes it possible to see sound. The Rhythm visually displays music in animated displays of color and light. The Rhythm is a small sound module that plugs into any Nanoleaf Light Panel, picking up on beats, sounds and melodies with its built-in audio sensor to translate the sounds into melodic light shows.

CO2Lift gifted single packs of their carboxy therapy treatment mask for face, eyes, neck and hands to lift, hydrate, and rejuvenate skin.

Noshinku premium hand sanitizer is made with organic ingredients. Bergamot hand sanitizer with a modal travel bag by ICONSPEAK and premium noise cancelling earbuds by Happy Ears, a modern travel kit suitable for celebrities. $100

SaleRugs has over 25,000 rugs each with unique designs, colors and sizes in stock. $200 to $700

Spinning music at the event was ADM Entertainment. Adam Gomez, founder of ADM Entertainment. Acoustic, singer. songwriter, DJ and MC to weddings, parties and special events.

GBK is not affiliated with the Golden Globes.


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