Google Pop-up store in West Hollywood, Pixelbook, Pixel 2 Phones, Home, Buds and Clip Camera

Google wall of products

Open through the holidays for your Google tech needs, computers, phones, cameras, audio and home automation

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/10/28 – Google advances to it’s second generation of products. New pixel phones in two sizes, Google home audio adds the mini and the max. a new Pixelbook laptop, Clip hands-free camera, Buds earphones and an updated Daydream View headset.


Google Pixel book-2 in one


Google’s computer solution is a cross between a laptop and tablet. Use it as a laptop or flip it so it is a tablet. Prop it up to stand. The 12.3-inch screen rotates 360 degrees. Weighs two pounds.

Google play is supported, so your apps can be used across your Google devices. Google Assistant is also included in the device. You can talk to your computer or use the dedicated Assistant button that is in the bottom row of the keyboard.

Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel Phones

The new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are available now. The Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2 XL run on Android. The cameras are the best feature for this phone, are stunning even in low light. The front camera is 8 MP and the back camera is 12.2 MP 4G LTE. There is about 25.4 hours of talk time. The battery charges fast and the phone is lightweight. As with Apple phones, there is no headphone jack, wireless only. Pixel Buds for your ears to enjoy. The Pixel 2 starts at $649, the XL at $849.

Some cases fit the new phones and more are coming from other vendors soon.


Pixel Buds

Google’s version of the wireless earbuds. You can get to Google assistant from your headset. Tap the side to play or pause music. Swipe forward or backward to raise or lower the volume. Press long to talk to Google assistant. Google Translate is also a part of the earbuds. Cost $159.

Google Clip with case

Google Clips

This small palm -size device records photos or video. Save images as stills, video, or movie GIFs. Export them to your phone via Wi-Fi.

Google Home

The Original Google Home is still available with changeable bases. Uses Google assistant for voice command of audio, television, even home appliances and heating and A/C systems if they have IoT controllers. You can check the weather, do measurement conversions, control your music and YouTube viewing. The base cost is $120.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini at $49 is small on size and price, almost invisible in your home. It looks like jelly doughnut. Does the same things as the original Google Home. It comes in three colors: chalk, charcoal and coral.


Google Home Max

The Max is much larger then the original Google Home. It has Google assistant integrated in the device. Weighs 11.7 pounds. Fabric surrounds it like on the mini, but it’s definitely large enough to be noticed. It adjusts the sound using Smart Sound, so the the sound is balanced for the room. If you move the speaker to a corner of the room it will adjust itself. It uses Google’s AI to configure the sound. The Max can be upright or on it’s side for use. Available this December in chalk or charcoal for $399

Google VR in coral, gray and black

Daydream View

The Daydream View VR headset launched last year. The use was limited to the Pixel phone and there were only 25 apps. The second generation has new hardware, the view is larger. The face mask fits better, even over glasses. There are new apps. New content includes an original YouTube series in VR, and 250 VR titles. New color is coral. Pre=order it now. Cost $99.

Visit the Google Pop-up Store:  8552 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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