Gabrielle Pantera

Gabrielle PanteraGabrielle Pantera is the managing editor of Hollywood Daily Star. She’s produced 1,000 entertainment news articles so far at Hollywood Daily Star, mainly interviews with TV and film stars discussing the art of being a performer and their upcoming premieres.


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In 1999, Gabrielle Pantera got her start in journalism as general manager of the print entertainment newspaper San Diego Marquee. After two years, she became associate editor of the luxury print magazine Ranch & Cove. She was also a contributing editor to the books column at the print magazine Romantic Times.

In 2004, Gabrielle became an entertainment editor at the print newspaper British Weekly. She continues to write about authors and new books for her column at British Weekly. She has well over 500 published interviews there so far.

In 2007, Gabrielle became a contributing editor to the digital newspaper Hollywood Today, writing about television. She advanced to managing editor in 2012.

In 2013, Gabrielle founded Hollywood Daily Star. She loves television and loves reporting upbeat entertainment news.

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