Hallmark A Dash of Love, Star Jen Lilley says, “She basically is me”

Jen Lilley Photo by Bettina Strauss

Nikki finds an unexpected love and ally after her cooking idol and boss attempts to steal her recipes,  A Dash Of Love premieres on February 11th at 9pm ET, 6pm PT on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/02/11 – “When I first read the script, when I read that I was Nikki, I was like, oh yeah, that makes perfect sense,” says A Dash of Love star Jen Lilley. “She basically is me. I’m so clumsy. And, I ramble and when I get really mad. People are like, oh my God, you are so cute when you are mad. Totally my character, I was really excited.”


In A Dash of Love, Jen Lilley is diner cook Nikki Turner. When the Flop Two diner closes down, she accepts a job as assistant to her idol, the famed chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Holly Hanson. Peri Gilpin is chef Holly Hanson.

Nikki would rather be cooking, but her lack of formal culinary education holds her back. Talent in the kitchen isn’t enough. Holly discovers Nikki’s passion and allows her to use the restaurant’s kitchen to practice, as long as she does not tell anyone.

Brendan Penny is Paul Dellucci, executive chef to Holly Hanson. Paul has been pressuring Holly to update the menu with new and exciting dishes, she brushes off suggestions. After tasting one of Nikki’s creations, Holly is impressed. Holly has a secret camera installed in the kitchen to spy on Nikki’s late night culinary excursions and bring her restaurant back to its former glory. Henry Seagar is investor Benjamin Wilkinson.

Nikki and chef Paul devise a plan to beat Holly at her own game. They will rent the closed Flop Two diner, create a three-day pop-up restaurant for Valentine’s Day called A Pinch of Love.

A Dash of Love stars…

  • Jen Lilly as Nikki Turner
  • Brendan Penny as Paul Dellucci
  • Peri Gilpin as Holly Hanson
  • Kandyse McClure as Angela
  • Frances Flanagan as Trish Dellucci.

Produced by Crown Media Family Networks. Chris Wilson producer. Kim Arnott executive producer. Directed by Christine Will Wolf.

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries are owned by Crown Media Family Networks and distributed to 66 million U.S. homes.

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