Hallmark A Song for Christmas, star Becca Tobin says, “A really beautiful story about family and holidays and music”

Rebecca Tobin Photo by Christos Kalohoridis

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Premiere,  a country singer escapes to a Christmas tree farm, on November 11th, 2017 at 6pm PT, 9pm ET on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on DirecTV

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/11/11 – “I’m in this teeny tiny town,” says A Song For Christmas star Becca Tobin. “I run into this young girl. She’s so friendly, like everybody in this town, and invites me to stay with her an her family on their Christmas tree farm. She has this brother, who’s very handsome, also a musician. I won’t spoil it, but there might be sparks flying. Just a really beautiful story about family and holidays and music. It’s got it all. ”

“I was going into my room to write music and I didn’t want to be disturbed,” says Tobin. “So the bus driver thought I was in there. But, I got little carried away looking at all the holiday decorations in town, and got carried away with a cute boy. The bus took off.”



“It was really nice it was a busy two months,” says Tobin. “But I wanted to. I didn’t want to spend a year dragging it out. Being an actor you don’t know where you’re going to be or what country your going to be in. So I was like, we have two months free so lets do it. He was great he’s so good at planning party’s it was easy for him.

“I love donuts,” says Tobin. “If I want to cheat or have a treat it’s a donut. My husband and I did long distance from Atlanta to L.A. for a year and a half. There’s a donut shop in Atlanta that I’am obsessed with. Every time I would visit I would get them every day. Then he would come visit me in L.A. put them in his carry on, the donuts, and make it all the way from Atlanta to L.A. and not have touched a donut, saved it for me. I, however, could never do that.”

Becca Tobin is Adelaide Kay, a rising star in country music. She had a hit single. Her manager and the PR company have taken over her life. Her manager doesn’t want her writing songs. The PR machine has her romantically linked to another country music artist. She hasn’t gotten to see her family and is not happy with the songs she’s singing now.

On her way to a talk show in Philadelphia, she stops at a bed-and-breakfast for the night. The next day she goes out to see the town. Her bus leaves without her. She’s without her cell phone, so no one can get a hold of her.

Kendra Leigh Timmins is Baylee Lapp lends Adelaide her phone then takes her to the family tree farm. Addie meets Baylee’s brother.

Kevin McGarry is Dillon Lapps, Baylee’s brother. He recognizes Adelaide but doesn’t tell his family she’s famous. He’s also a musician. The whole family is welcoming. Addie falls for the whole family. Adelaide tries to help them save their struggling farm. She and Dillon work on a Christmas song that sounds like a hit


  • Becca Tobin is Adelaide Kay
  • Kevin McGarry is Dillon Lapp
  • Dendra Leigh Timmins is Baylee Lapp
  • Paula Boudreau is Libby Lapp
  • David Keeley is Dale Lapp
  • James McGowan is Russell Holmes
  • Zarrin Darnell-Martin is Sandra Renee
  • Jason P. Paul is Dean
  • Ted Jefferies is Cole Wyatt
  • Brian Roworth is Owen
  • Nneka Elliott is Female Host
  • Patrick Cook is Male Host
  • Jessie Behan is Female Host #2

Howard Braunstein, Steve Solomos and David MacKay are executive producers. Deborah Marks producer. RC Newey director. Story by Betsy Morris. Teleplay by Betsy Morris and Joie Botkin. Director of Photography Michael Galbraith. Production Designer Joseph “Zuzu” Kabbach. Art Director Richelle Rilks. Edited by Brigitte Rabazo. Casting by Ron Leach.

A Song for Christmas is a Crown Media production. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is distributed to 68 million homes across the United States.

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