Hallmark All For Love, star Sara Rue says, “Girl power behind the movie”

Sara Rue

Premiere, a novelist teams up with a Navy SEAL to inspire her, on May 27th, 2017, at 6pm PT, 9pm ET on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/5/27 – “It’s a very sweet story,” says All For Love star Sara Rue. “It’s a romantic comedy, which is my favorite genre of all time, to be in and to watch. I play Jo, who’s a romance novelist. When I first started reading the script I was thinking, this is like Romancing the Stone, one of my favorite movies growing up. She is writing a novel about a navy SEAL, Steve [Bactic]. She is asked by her editor to go to do a navy SEAL boot camp training, to really learn what navy SEALs are all about. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very sweet. I hope you enjoy it. You watch and feel warm and cozy, which is Hallmark’s specialty.”


“We had a really good time making it,” says Rue. “Something I would say, especially for urban mommies, is it’s a very pro-woman movie and a very pro-woman experience making it. We had a female director. We had a female camera operator. We had a female focus-puller…a female script coordinator, a female producer, a female star. There’s a lot of girl power behind the movie.”

Sara Rue is a political activist. “We climate marched,” says Rue. “We went there in the pouring rain. We made our signs and we marched. It was really fun. We’re trying to encourage. We have two young children. What’s going on now, especially in the United States politically, is very intense. We’re trying to encourage our girls to become activists. At the Women’s March I didn’t take the girls because I was in Los Angeles and it was so huge. There were 750,000 people downtown. I was a little bit scared [because] our baby was only a few months old at the time.”

In All For Love Sara Rue is romance novelist, Jo Parker, who’s worried because her last book was a commercial disaster. She thinks she has lost her touch, and is in need of a literary success. Her first draft is about a hunky Navy Seal hero, but her publisher is not very happy with it, so she commits to do an immersive research on a military-style boot camp led by a retired SEAL.

Steve Bacic is Colin Shaw, the tough retired Navy SEAL who is in charge of running a military-grade boot camp for SEAL recruits and other future military specialists. He gives Parker the same treatment as the rest, putting her to the test with the same grueling exercises. Surprisingly, Parker succeeds, and they develop a deep respect for each other that will surely result in a more complex relationship.

Teryl Rothery is Diana Shaw, Parker’s publisher. She encourages Jo to take this commitment to help her career, and is also Colin’s sister.

All For Love cast:

All For Love is A Book Road and Front Street Pictures Production. Directed by Lee Friedlander. Written by Mark Famiglietti & Michael Testa.

Hallmark Channel is Crown Media Family Networks’ distributed to 88 million U.S. homes.

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