Hallmark All of My Heart, Restoring a House Together Gets Romantic

Brennan Elliott in All Of My Heart

Brennan Elliott in All Of My Heart

Exclusive interview with star Brennan Elliott, All of My Heart premieres Valentine’s Day, Saturday November 14th at 8pm ET/PT, 7C.

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/2/14 – “I read the script and loved it,” says All of my Heart star Brennan Elliott. “I had just come off back-to-back jobs, and to say the least I was exhausted. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to portray a rich character and do such a fantastic script.”

Jenny (Lacey Chabert) lives in Connecticut and  feels unfulfilled working at a catering company. Her boyfriend Daryl (Greyston Holt) is slow to propose. Jenny receives a call from an attorney. She’s inherited half of a house in rural Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Co-owner Brian (Brennan Elliott) is a Wall Street broker who would rather sell the house. Town resident Vern (Ed Asner)  offers advice. Jenny moves into the house and gets Casey (Heather Doerksen) to buy her scones for a nearby cafe. Will Brian block or help her new business? What will her boyfriend think of her new partner?

“Every job is different because every script and character is different,” says Elliott. “But what was really special about this experience was that from the producers to crew to cast to craft service to even the goats, we were all on the same page. We were a well oiled machine and we felt passion to create a great product. The first thing that comes to mind that is surprising is how such high quality could shot in only 2 weeks with next to no prep time. It truly is amazing and a testament the hard work put forth by Hallmark, the producers, to cast and crew.”

Elliott confirms he will return to Hallmark Cedar Cove for a third season. “This is a very special and successful show and I am very excited and blessed to work with friends and family in the Cove. This might sound cliché but the wonderful thing about being apart of a Hallmark production is that we all feel like family.They truly care about delivering wonderful product and the results show in their diehard fans that tune in day and night. I am just privileged to be a member of this class act company.”

Brennan Elliott, Ed Asner and Lacey Ch

Brennan Elliott, Ed Asner and Lacey Chabert

All of My Heart is a Front Street Pictures and Better Road Productions Ltd Production. Michael Ogiens, Marnie Young, Harvey Kahn and Peter DeLuise are the executive producers. Harvey Kahn is the producer. Peter DeLuise directed from a script by Karen Berger.

Trailer for All of My Heart

All of My Heart is the final installment of five new romance movies Hallmark Channel released for their Countdown to Valentine’s Day event.

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