Hallmark Channel Ice Sculpture Christmas, Rachel Boston Exclusive Interview

Photo: Rachel Boston Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Marcel Williams

Photo: Rachel Boston Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Marcel Williams

Feel-good Christmas movie premieres Saturday, November 7th, 2015, at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel **** Four Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/11/6 – “For a romantic Christmas film, there is a big emotional journey which I love,” says Ice Sculpture Christmas star Rachel Boston. “The joy of falling in love, losing love, coming back together, and realizing that my mother has been guiding me all along. Keeping it grounded and truthful.”

Ice Sculpture Christmas is a genuine, feel-good family movie with holiday spirit. It’s the story of a young woman searching for her place in the world, in the realm of Tangled, Cinderella, Sabrina and Maid in Manhattan.

Boston is always charmingly perky on screen.  As a struggling chef in Ice Sculpture she doesn’t need a man to succeed. On the contrary, the efforts of her “prince” helping her often put her on the wrong foot at work. Rich and confident, he doesn’t understand that you don’t compete with your boss. She and David Alpay have chemistry. He’s very different from her father, who understands keeping to his place from years of working at the country club. That Boston really is doing the ice sculpture in the movie is cool.

“I have produced a few films but this one came to me very fast so my energy went into performance,” says star Rachel Boston. “I was surprised by the chemistry with David. We just hit it off right away which was amazing.”

“This is my 3rd film with Hallmark,” says Boston. “I made my first film with them during my hiatus from Witches of East End. For Ice Sculpture Christmas, we had a wonderful ice sculpting teacher on set with us. His name is Harold and he is an amazing ice artist. Was really fun to study with him while filming.” That’s Harold Sawatzky of Vancouver Ice Sculptures.

Boston, who spends much of her time shooting in Canada, may be making a new TV series with Hallmark. “I am very excited for what is ahead,” says Boston. “I feel very fortunate to be part of this family.”

Callie Shaw (Rachel Boston) gets a job as a dishwasher at the country club where her father Frank (Paul McGillion) works. She wants to move up to be a chef. Her boss head chef Gloria (Brenda Strong) is tough. Another chef, Jen (Leanne Lapp), is determined that nobody gets ahead but herself.

Callie has won ice sculpting contests and doesn’t want to compete in the club ice sculpture contest. She might beat her boss. Chef Gloria has won the last three years there. David (David Alpay), the son of a rich club member, remembers playing with Callie when they were kids. David enters Callie in the ice sculpture contest. Unable to get out of it, she makes David her partner in the contest.

Executive producer Tim Johnson. Producer Oliver De Caigny. Directed by David Mackay. Written by Tracy Andreen. Director of Photography Anthony Metchie. Production Designer Daren Luc Sasges. Edited by Tyler Mcintyre. Casting by Kara Eide.

A feel-good holiday Hallmark film, Ice Sculpture is sweet, romantic, family holiday fare, sometimes nostalgic. This two-hour original movie is part of the Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas.

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