Hallmark Christmas Festival Of Ice, star Taylor Cole says, “I wasn’t allowed anything that plugged in”

Damon Runyan and Taylor Cole Photo by Jan Thijs

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Premiere, unsure if she wants to be a lawyer, a woman finds love at a Christmas festival, November 4th, 2017 5pm PT, 8pm ET on DirecTV

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/11/4 – “My favorite tradition, which was the ice sculpting competition that I always entered with my dad every year, is not in the festival this year,” says Festival of Ice star Taylor Cole. She’s heart broken, and she takes it upon herself to fund-raise and get this competition back on it’s feet. She does and in the midst of all of it she meets a fellow ice sculpture who’s gone through his heartbreak.


“They gave me a few tools,,” says Cole. “I wasn’t allowed anything that plugged in, because I’m not a DIYer. Everyone was scared. You can really take a chunk out of it, but to really create something like this you need to be a trained professional. They are incredible.”

“I had a v-chisel and like combs and different things,” says Cole. “If you want to stick two things together you take snow put it in your mouth and it acts as glue so you can like stick things together. So If you want to play around with that.”

The film was shot in Ottawa during a cold snap.

“The crew members, their facial hair had frozen,” says Cole. “It was insane. It was an odd thing. Because you have ice sculptures and you have heat lamps to keep the actors warm, but not too close to the ice sculptures because they would melt. It was like negative 20 degrees.”

“They have a spa in Ottawa that I think is the biggest in North America the most amazing spa ever, and when I got back in my car it was -4 Celsius,” says Cole.

“My dad is the biggest kid,” says Cole. “He is an adult child. He’s the best, he’ll never grow up. I now do this unfortunately, gives gifts that he would want himself. So I ask for Barbie and get a pool table. Or golf clubs because he wanted a golf partner. And Puppies of course. I got a go-kart I got a jeep, I couldn’t drive I was ten. He obviously got the jeep for himself and said it was for me.”

“I just got a guitar and I’m like, why?” says Cole. “He was like I thought you needed help making friends. I was like thanks dad. They are inspiring gifts, but I do now know what I lack.”

“Always goofy Christmas cards,” says Cole. “One year I had a volleyball that I was holding right in front of his face. And that was our Christmas card. I sent him an images where I was beat up from CSI and he sent it out saying Hollywood is rough Merry Christmas.”

Taylor Cole is Emma Parkers returned home to work at her mother’s law firm.

For many years over the holidays she and her dad have competed together as an ice sculpting team in the annual Christmas Festival of Ice. This is her favorite time of year and one of her favorite things to do.

When she finds out the festival has been canceled due to lack of funds for the winners of the Westford’s annual ice sculpting contest she decided to raise the funds herself, so they can still have the festival. As she works on getting funding Emma begins to wonder if practicing law is really want she wants to do.

Damon Runyan is Nick Claiborne a local Christmas tree farmer. Emma discovers he’s an artist and can also sculpt ice. She wants him to compete in the festival.

Nick puts in a good word with a local businessman, when the funding is anonymously is donated she assumes it’s the businessman. Emma learns to appreciate Nick even more. Will this friendship grow to something more?

Emma’s dad drops out of the competition so Nick and Emma can partner-up. But as the competition gets closer her day job starts to take more time away from the competition. Emma knows she wants to stay in Westford with Nick, but she unsure if she wants to be a lawyer.


  • Taylor Cole as Emma Parkers
  • Damon Runyan as Nick Claiborne

Executive producers Andrew C. Erin and Timothy O. Johnson. Producer Hayden Baptiste. Production credit: Johnson Production Group. Directed by Bradley Walsh. Screenplay by David Golden. Director of Photography Russ Goozee. Production Designer Lisa Soper. Art Director Shane Boucher. Production Manager Hayden Baptiste. Edited by Bruce Lange. Casting by Ron Leach.

Hallmark Channel is a Crown Media Family Networks’ 24-hour cable television network distributed to 88 million U.S. homes.

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