Hallmark Christmas in the Air, star Catherine Bell says, “She needs to loosen up a little bit”

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By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Premiere, a toy maker finds that love is just as important as family and business, on November 5th, 2017 at 6pm PT, 9pm ET on DirecTV on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/11/5 – “She goes to organize someone’s home and he’s handsome charming boyish,” says Christmas in the Air star Catherine Bell.

“We always make cookies and gingerbread houses,” says Bell of her family’s holiday traditions. “Going to see Santa to get your photo that was always a big one. But, I think my kids are officially too old for that.”


“Eric Close is the actor who plays Robert, toy inventor,” say Bell. “He’s crazy. Everything is a mess. Everything is all over. That is how he creates and he needs it that way. It’s not so good for Lydia, especially because she starts having feelings for him. I like my label maker,. It makes me feel organized. She needs a little Robert because she needs to loosen up a little bit.”

This is the second holiday movie for Bell that’s not part of her Good Witch series. The first one was Home for Christmas Day. That aired this summer.

“These were the first two I’d done,” Says Bell. “I’d been on the network for ten years just doing Good Witch, so this was new for me. I got to do these two back-to-back, which was just a blast. One was more dramatic and emotional and one was lighter and more fun playful. For me it’s just fun to have Christmas all year round. We filmed these in Vancouver, in April I think. It was still snowing, but we made more snow.”

Eric Close is Robert Trent is a toy maker, father of two and widower. He works best in   chaos it helps him be creative. Those around him find it a bit much. He works with his brother.

Ken Tremblett is George Robert’s brother and business partner. Trying to get some work done before a potential clients visit, Robert misses his daughter’s play rehearsal. He needs to get organized. He hires an organizer.

Catherine Bell is Lydia Evans, professional organizer. She helps Robert organize his life, home, and a dinner for the potential client and his wife.

Malcolm Stewart is Mr. Hennessey, the potential client.

Robert likes what she’s done, but is upset when Lydia rearranges a is deceased wife’s snow globe collection. He tells Lydia about his late wife while he puts them back the way she had them. Both Robert and Lydia bond over the brightest star, Sirius.

Emily Holmes is Pam. She notices the two seem to be getting along quite well.

Lydia helps Robert with his promise to make cookies for his kids. They are not the prettiest cookies, but Lydia is learning to enjoy imperfection. Lydia bonds with Robert’s children.

Trinity Rose Likens is Amilia Roberts daughter. She tells Lydia that she’s worried her father will miss her performance, just like he missed the rehearsal. When Lydia sees Robert’s office, she realizes that he needs the mess to be creative. She doesn’t change a thing. Lydia wants to make sure the dinner goes well and does a test run with Robert.

Lydia’s work is done with the family, but Robert enjoys her company and invites her to join the family tradition, pin the ornament on the Christmas tree. Robert is a workaholic. That sends up warning bells for Lydia. She’s not sure she wants to have that kind of life again.

The meeting that Robert and George have been planning for goes well, but Mr. Hennessy wants more then they’ve shown him. George promises Robert will present a new toy at the dinner.


  • Catherine Bell is Lydia Evans
  • Eric Close is Robert Trent
  • Ken Tremblett is George Trent
  • Malcolm Stewart is Mr. Lawrence Hennessey
  • Emily Holmes is Pam Tanaka
  • Trinity Rose Likins is Amelia Trent
  • Jesse Filkow is Thomas Trent

Producers Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm. Production credit: Crown Media Productions, LLC. Directed by Martin Wood. Written by Janna King. Director of Photography Michael Balfry. Production Manager Simon Richardson. Edited by Charles Robichaud. Casting by Candice Elzinga.

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