Hallmark J.L. Family Ranch, Terri Polo, ‘Blood Is Blood’

J.L. Family

J.L. Family

J.L. Family Ranch stars Jon Voight as a rancher in danger of losing the family ranch,  premieres on August 21st, 2016, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2016/8/21 – “Rebecca is kind of her father’s right hand man and they become a team to try to find out why this is happening, how this is happening and who’s the cause of this,” says J.L Ranch star Terri Polo. “Blood is blood. You’re there for each other no matter what. You defend your family. Family is what it’s all about.”

Cowboy John Landsburg (Jon Voight) owns and operates the J.L. Ranch, along with his two daughters and son. The ranch is in financial difficulty. Rebecca (Teri Polo) thinks the ranch should be turned into a bed-and-breakfast. Regan (Abby Brammell) thinks selling some land is the answer. What does his son Brady (Trevor Donovan) think?

John receives a notice that the Federal Bureau of Homeland Management is seizing his family’s ranch. They claim he doesn’t really own the land. John suspects his neighbor and long time rival Tap Peterson (James Caan) has something to do with it. John will not give up without a fight. He gets help from an unexpected source.

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Two-hour Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original movie. Executive producers Jon Voight and Steven Paul. Supervising producer Shannon Gardner. Director Charles Robert Carner. Director of photography Kris Kimlin. Editor Dave Eichhorn. JL Ranch Productions


  • Jon Voight (John Landsburg)
  • James Caan (Tap Peterson)
  • Melanie Griffith (Laura Lee)
  • Teri Polo (Rebecca Landsburg)
  • Abby Brammell (Regan Landsburg)
  • Steven Bauer (Hector Arrieta)
  • Skyler Shaye (Lynn Landsburg)
  • Trevor Donovan (Brady Landsburg)
  • Grant Bowler (Sheriff Henry Whitlock)
  • Lee Purcell (Mable Ritter)

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