Hallmark Hearts of Christmas, Kristoffer Polaha, ‘Snow Machines Blasting’

Emilie Ullerup Kristoffer Polaha photo by Kailey Schwerman

Emilie Ullerup Kristoffer Polaha photo by Kailey Schwerman

Can a hospital save jobs and win the heart of a dedicated nurse Premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mystries Sunday, December 4th, 2016 9pm ET 8pm C on 

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2016/12/4 -“One of the most amazing things about it was we would film outside in the forest and they would have to lay out these Huge tracks of carpet that looked like snow basically sort of like a white fake, you know and CGI all the rest of the snow in,” says Hearts of Christmas star Kristoffer Polaha. “And the other amazing thing is when we had dialog, they had snow machines blasting in the background.”

In Hearts of Christmas Kristoffer Polaha is Matt Crawford, the new hospital administrator outt to cut costs. Emilie Ullerup is Jenny Miller , a nurse working in the Community Memorial Hospital NICU, neonatal intensive care for premies. She’s planning the Christmas party when she finds out her mentor and head nurse  Alice Shelby (Sharon Lawrence) is being forced into early retirement by cuts. Jenny and the staff make the annual Christmas party a farewell event for Alice. Due to an injury, Alice struggles to attend the party, where Matt may make a big announcement.


Hearts of Christmas stars Emilie Ullerup (Jenny Miller), Kristoffer Polaha (Matt Crawford), Sharon Lawrence (Alice Shelby), Crystal Lowe (Lauren Wright), Nicholas Carella (Walt), Rachel Hayward (Kate Miller), Bruce Dawson (Bob Miller), Kimberly Sustad (Isabel Lang), Jay Hindle (Eric Lang) Executive Producer: Timothy O. Johnson, Producer: Oliver De Caigny, Production credit: Annuit Coeptis Entertainment in association with Johnson, Production Group. Directed by: Monika Mitchell, Story by: J.B. White, Teleplay by: J.B. White, Director of Photography: Anthony Metchie, Production Designer: Harry Brar, Edited by: Jason Neilsen, Composed by: Russ Howard III, Casting by: Judy Lee.

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