Hallmark My Favorite Wedding, star Maggie Lawson, “Everything goes wild”

Paul Greene and Maggie Lawson photo by David Dolsen

Premiere, a maid-of-honor reexamines her own love life while trying to save her friend’s wedding, on June 24th, 2017 at 6pm PT, 9pm ET on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/6/24 – “I’m the maid of honor,” says My Favorite Wedding star Maggie Lawson. “Everything goes wild, as it does at weddings. She arrives to the wedding and assumes the best man is a chauffeur. Then we are off and running. The movie looks really beautiful. We shot in this one location the entire time. I actually knew Christine and Peter, who play the bride and groom. It was like this beautiful reunion for three weeks. We have scenes for golf and yoga, and there was a lot of eating and dancing.”


Maggie Lawson is Dr. Tess Harper, a successful doctor goes to her best friend’s wedding as the maid of honor.

Christine Chatelaine is Amber the bride. It’s four days to the wedding and the wedding planner has left her in the lurch. Tess steps in to help. While planning the wedding, Tess is gradually realizing that her boyfriend may not be the one for her. She’s paired with the best man. Their feelings about weddings are very different.

Paul Green is Michael, a divorce lawyer and the best man. He’s not really a wedding guy. Michael and Tess are complete opposite, but need to work together to keep the wedding on track. As they work together they learn there are more similarities then they realized.


  • Maggie Lawson  (@maggielawson) is Tess Harper
  • Paul Greene (@paulgreenemediais Michael
  • Christine Chatelain is Amber Tilton
  • Peter Benson is Jack

My Favorite Wedding is an All Canadian Entertainment Production in association with

Brad Krevoy Television. Jonathan Schwartz is producer. Mel Damski directs from a script by Keith Calabrese.

Executive producers: Brad Krevoy, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips Atkins, Amy Krell, Steve N. White, Susie Belzberg, Jimmy Townsend and Mel Samski. Supervising producers: Michael Shepard, Doran S. Chandler, Dawn Knight and Darcy Wild. Producer: Jonathan Schwartz. Associate Producers: Vince Balzano and Nathaniel Lyman. Production credit: An All Canadian Entertainment Production in association with Brad Krevoy Television.

Directed by Mel Damski. Teleplay by Keith Calabrese. Director of photography Ronald Richard. Production designer Nick Richardson. Art director Fraser Hagen. Edited by Fabiola Caraza. Casting by Candice Elzinga.

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Hallmark Channel is a Crown Media Family Networks 24-hour cable television network distributed to 88.5 million U.S. homes and produces Home & Family.

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