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Rachel Boston in a Gift of Miracles

Exclusive interview with star Rachel Boston, A Gift of Miracles premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Sunday, February 15th, 9pm ET/PT 8C **** Four Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/2/15 – “I play a scientist who is very logical and practical, and doesn’t believe in anything beyond what the human eye can see,” says A Gift of Miracles star Rachel Boston. “Through a series of events, she starts to break down some of the walls she has built to protect her heart. She enters a world of mysteries and magical thinking and starts listening to the messages life is sending her. I really enjoyed that journey. My brother is a scientist so we talked a lot about his experiences.”

Darcy Miller (Rachel Boston) is a serious grad student working toward her doctorate. She’s a scientist and very logical. Darcy meets English Professor Nathan Riley (Jesse Moss). Darcy wants Nathan’s help to infuse more passion in her writing. Darcy’s father Frank (Andrew Airlie) dotes on Darcy. When Darcy was a baby, her mother Marianne died. Darcy finds her mother’s notebook in the attic. She goes to her aunt Kathy (Sarah Jane Redmond) to ask what it means.  It was her mother to do list. When Nathan starts helping Darcy complete her mother’s list, strange coincidences begin happening. Will Darcy explain it all away or will she accept miracles and a different path for her life?

Trailer for A gift of Miracles

Boston says she loved exploring how her character felt about her mother, someone who the character lost as a child. “There’s the feeling of loss but the realization that her mother has been there for her in so many different ways through all of the chapters of her life,” says Boston. “I just came off a show about magic so I am clearly drawn to this world. But every role feels so different to me. Each person has a different story that makes them who they are today. That’s what I’m so interested in and why I love storytelling so much.”

Boston was filming Witches of East End in Vancouver when she discussed with a friend about hoping to make more movies about faith and miracles. “A few hours later the executive producer sent me the script for A Gift of Miracles, says Boston. “So it felt like this was heading in the right direction. A little God wink, and it happened very fast.”

Speaking of coincidences, Boston and Rita Moreno had each lived in the same house in Los Angeles. “A few years ago, I was living in Laurel Canyon,” says Boston. “And, I was told Rita Moreno had lived there years before when she first moved to L.A.  So when she was cast, I was beyond excited. We both had lots of stories to share of our time on Stanley Hills Drive. And she’s an extraordinary woman, so filled with light and joy. I’m very happy this film brought us together.”

Next for Boston is producing a film with the executive producer and creative team from A Ring By Spring and A Gift of Miracles. As a producer she’s searching for more projects. “I’m back in Los Angeles and just started reading scripts and taking meetings for the next adventure,” says Boston. “I’m very excited to see what the next chapter brings.”

Boston will be live tweeting during the premiere of A Gift of Miracles. Follow @RachelBoston. “I would love to hear about some of the miracles or unexplained coincidences you’ve experienced in your life,” says Boston. “And I hope you enjoy the movie.”

Rita Moreno, Rachel Boston

Rita Moreno, Rachel Boston

 A Gift of Miracles is an Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II Inc. in association with Johnson Production Group production. Timothy O. Johnson and Jean Abounader are executive producers. Oliver De Caigny is the producer. Rachel Boston associate producer. Neill Fearnley directed from a script written by Bart Fisher.

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