Hallmark Publishing Launches Holiday Books, Seeks Writers

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Holiday books from Hallmark based on their movies

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/12/1 – “Hallmark Publishing is a natural expansion of our content ecosystem,” says Crown Media Family Networks Senior Vice President, New Business Development Chad Harris. “With authors writing original novels that may be made into entertainment for a variety of vehicles, or by selecting our most popular original TV content and novelizing it to include epilogues, character journeys and backstories, we are satisfying consumer desire to engage with Hallmark content in a deeper way.”

If  you’re a writer, see details at the end of this article how to submit a manuscript to Hallmark. If you’re more of a reader, check out Hallmark’s new e-books inspired by the network’s original Christmas movies…

Journey Back to Christmas by Leigh Duncan

Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Ebook, Pub Date 17 Oct 2017, Hallmark Publishing, ISBN 9781947892019 $5.99

Journey Back To Christmas was a movie on Hallmark in 2016. Learn more about Hanna and her journey to the future and back to her time. There is also an epilogue that completes the story.

The book starts in the 1945. Hanna is a nurse who’s husband is fight in WWII. Hanna trying to do a good dead finds herself lost in a snow storm when the comet flies past. She finds shelter and in the morning she realizes that she’s not where she belongs. She’s been transports forward to 2016.

Police Officer Jake Sutton and his family help Hanna acclimate to the future. She meets the Tobias Cook who was a child during WWII. As they chat Hanna realizes that this might be the little boy she left in the past.

Tobias realizes he might be able to go back in time because the same comet will be passing by again on Christmas.

The book is about second chances and believing in miracles.

Christmas in Homestead by Kara Tate

Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Hallmark Publishing, Ebook, Pub date Oct 24, 2017, ISBN 9781947892002 $5.99

Christmas in Homestead is set in the small town of Homestead Iowa. Matt is the mayor of the town. His family also owns an inn. Jessica is an actress and is producing her next movie. The star and crew are booked to stay at the inn. Matt’s daughter Sophie knows who Jessica is and is a big fan. Matt has no idea who Jessica is.

The problem is it’s Christmas and that is a special time of year for Matt and Sophie. The town also has many traditions that the production will interfere with. Jessica and Matt don’t hit it off right away.

As Jessica tries to change Matt impression of her she begins to enjoy her time in Homestead. The thorn in her side is her former boyfriend who’s in the movie too.

Matt’s starting to fall for Jessica, but are their two worlds too different?

There is also a free original recipe for Snowflake Cherry Pie.

Love You Like Christmas by Keri F. Sweet

Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Hallmark Publishing Ebook, Pub Date 30 Oct 2017, ISBN 9781947892026, $5.99

Love You Like Christmas is about Maddie, a New York marketing executive who needs to go to her clients December wedding, but she’s afraid of flying. She decides to drive her late aunt’s classic Mustang. When the car breaks down she’s stranded in the small town of Christmas Valley.

Kevin is dealing with an accident that has scatted his Christmas trees across the highway. He’s busy with his tree farm and raising his daughter since his wife died. Getting involved with anyone is not on his radar.

As Maddie’s waiting for her car to get repaired she explores the town and realizes that there is something missing in her life. She realizes that family and friends are all apart of the holidays. She’s spent some time with Kevin and his daughter and she’s starting to have feeling for him. Are they willing to take a chance and see where love might lead them? The book goes beyond the end of the movie see what happens.

The book has a free original recipe for Christmas Biscuits with Sugar Plum Jam.

A Heavenly Christmas by Rhonda Merwarth

Based on the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie, Hallmark Publishing Ebook, Pub Date 07 Nov 2017, ISBN 9781947892033, $5.99

A Heavenly Christmas is about Eve who works in Finance. She’s a workaholic who’s trying to make partner. It means she has to miss time with her family and per personal live suffers.

When Eve slips and falls on icy sidewalk hitting her head. She wakes up in heaven and becomes a trainee Christmas angel. Eve always tries to do her best in everything she does.

Her angel mentor tries to guide her. She’s to answer the payer for a little girl who is praying for her uncle Max to find happiness. As Eve works to help Max find happiness again she starts falling for him. Can Eve help Max and herself before Christmas?

A free original recipe for Heavenly Angel Food Cake with Vanilla Bean Crème Anglaise is included.

All the Hallmark books are family-friendly romances. They’re based on Hallmark movies, but give more background then you see in the movie. They are part of Hallmark’s new publishing arm. They’re starting with e-books. Join their newsletter to find out when their next e-books will be released.

If you’re interested in writing for them… They only take email submissions. Create an account on HallmarkPublishing.com, fill out the form, and upload both a 3 -4 page synopsis and the full manuscript; double-spaced, either 12- to 14-point type.

They like feel-good stories that  have a happy ending. Sweet, with no sex, nudity or profanity.  Hugs and kisses are ok. For mysteries, the murder has already happened, so no graphic descriptions. Stories should be about the interaction between the characters, emotional connection with the characters some light suspense and  and solving the mystery. Word count is 65,000 – 85,000 words.

The Hallmark Publishing tagline is: “Stories that make you smile and warm your heart.”

Twitter: @HallmarkPublish 

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