Hallmark Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Home Again, star Kristin Booth says, “Special and amazing, and almost dare I say magical”

Kristin Booth, Photo by David Owen Strongman

Premieres Sunday Sept 24th, 2017, at 6pm PT 9pm ET on DirecTV, the postal detectives are back

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/ 9/24 – “In Home Again the POstables discover an antique vase that has been lost for several years,” says Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Home Again star Kristin Booth. “And we think the vase belongs to a family that is relying on hope and providence to save their farm. The POstables come in and help them in any way they can. The POstables are an elite team of postal detectives we work in the DLO, Dead Letter Office. We find the letters that were either miss address or the address was destroyed. We find the right recipients to the letter or package. ”


“What’s special and amazing, and almost dare I say magical, about Shane and her emotional journey is Martha [Williamson], is Martha’s writing,” says Booth. “I often will read the script, and Martha is very specific in what she wants. It’s part of the reason she’s so amazing and everything is so good. She’ll say on this word she breaks down and cries. Very, very specific. And I read the script and I’m like, I can’t do that Martha. Like, what are you doing to me? I have all this stuff down and what happens without fail every single time I will be in the middle of the scene. I kid you not, it just happens. The word she wants it to happen on it happens. I’ve never had that happen in twenty years of acting, but Martha’s writing is all I need.”

The POstables find the lost mailbag of Harry Snapp and a package that was mailed, but not delivered 18 years ago. The package is falling apart and the letter is waterlogged. They can make out the fact it’s from a young girl who’s family farm will be lost to foreclosure.

The four are also working on getting the package to the rightful owner, with lots of obstacles in their way. They locate two of the sisters, but they need to find the third sister. Who actually owns the package?

Kristin Booth is Shane McInerney, accidentally knocks out a wall to find a hidden room.

Eric Mabius is Oliver O’Toole, the leader of the Postables.

Crystal Lowe is Rita Haywith. Her parents have arrived to meet Rita’s intended husband.

Geoff Gustafson is Norman Dorman, the groom. Norman is having problems connecting with Rita’s father.

Barry Bostwick as Bill and Colleen Camp as Sunny are Rita’s parents. They’re retired hippies. Bill is not convinced Norman is not right for Rita.

Gregory Harrison is Joe Oliver’s dad. He’s able to help Norman with Bill.

Executive Producers Martha Williamson, Joel S. Rice, Michael Prupas and Kevin Fair. Producer Harvey Kahn. Production by Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. in association with MoonWater Productions. Directed by. Kevin Fair. Writer Martha Williamson. Director of Photography Tyler Walzak. Production Designer Sean Kirkby. Editor Tony Dean Smith. Casting by Tiffany Mak, CSA.

Booth has a chihuahua dog, a rescue from Los Angeles. “She never wants to be left behind and she fashions herself as our other child,” says Booth.


  • Eric Mabius is Oliver
  • Kristin Booth is Shane
  • Crystal Lowe is Rita
  • Geoff Gustafson is Norman
  • Zak Santiago is Ramon
  • Gregory Harrison is Joe
  • Barry Bostwick is Bill
  • Coleen Camp is Sunny
  • Emilie Ullerup is Dale
  • Kim Delaney is Kim
  • Kyla Matthews is Abby
  • Laura Bertram is Peggy
  • Dakota Guppy is Young Peggy
  • Emilie Haine is Bunny
  • Zegna D’Amici is Young Bunny
  • Ema Mlinar is Young Mary Lou
  • Sienna Bohn is Mary Lou
  • Cecilia Deacon is Betty
  • Elizabeth Irving is Young Betty
  • Chris Gauthier is Igor
  • Zahf Paroo is Mark Benshan
  • Peter Benson is Mr. Everett

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