Hallmark Summer of Dreams, Debbie Gibson, ‘A Story I Created’

Debbie Gibson Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

Debbie Gibson LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

Two-hour movie starring Debbie Gibson and her music is an inspiring story loosely based on her life **** 4 Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2016/8/27 – “Doing this movie for Hallmark was a big deal for me because it’s a story I created.,”says Summer of Dreams star Debbie Gibson. “It’s not a stretch at all.On the film people on the creative team would say your character do this? I would say I am the character. I created her/me. It’s me as if my life went horribly wrong.”

“I’m always getting seeds of ideas,” says Gibson. “In L.A., people are always going on pitch meetings. And you go then you go on with your life. This actually happened. So for me doing more of this is high on my priority list. And doing more music. I’ve been writing tons of music the last few years. I feel about my new music how I felt about my first round of music. I think because I’ve been living more real life. When you live life you get inspired by actual things.”

Debbie Gibson stars is Debbie Taylor, a 80s pop star who was dropped by her recording label. While visiting her sister Denise, a high school assistant principal in Youngstown, Ohio, Debbie meets Noah. Debbie is offered a temp job as a music teacher. Noah also works at the school. Will teaching rekindle Debbie’s love of music?

Production company CMFN Productions. Executive producers Shelley Hack and Debbie Gibson. Producer: Kim Arnott. Director Mike Rohl. Writters Neal & Tippi Dobrofsky. Director of photography Ronald Richard. Production designer Nick Richardson. Editor Lisa Robison. Casting directors Jackie Lind and Sara Brown.


Debbie Gibson (Debbie Taylor)

Robert Gant (Noah)

Pascale Hutton (Denise)

Lane Edwards (Tim)

Ken Trimblett (Ray)

Lauren McNamara (Natalie)

Zenia Marshall (Ashley)

Mitchell Kummen (Johnny)

Eric Gibson (Oliver)

Anita Yung (Darryl)

Olivia Ryan Stern (Kacey)

Marcus Rosner (Liam)

Keenan Tracey (Dylan)

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