Hallmark The Perfect Catch, star Andrew Walker says, “Back to my home town to find myself”

Andrew Walker and Nikki Deloach Photo by Kailey Schwerman

Premiere, a single mom with a food truck finds it is the way to a man’s heart, on April 22nd, 2017,  6pm PT, 9pm ET on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Stars) 2017/04/22 – “It was such a fun movie to shoot for me,” says The Perfect Catch star Andrew Walker. “I had a sports background. I played pretty high level football out of Montreal. I had an injury that changed directions pretty quickly. There are elements of that in the film. My character loses game seven of the World Series. Pitcher. Guy gets a grand slam. I choose to go back to my home town to find myself. I’m kind of kicked out of Boston where I’d been playing. I go back home and meet up with my high school sweetheart.”


In The Perfect Catch, Nikki DeLoach is Jessica Parker, a single mom. She is keeping her family’s legacy alive running the diner her Grandpa founde. It is now struggling under competition from the town’s new restaurant. Jessica wants to relaunch it as food truck.

Andrew Walker is Chase Taynor, the Parker Falls’ hometown hero, a pitcher in the major leagues. He is laying low back home following the pitch that lost the series for the team. He awaits pickup for the new season. He and Nikki dated in high school. They ended up going their separate ways. Now each of them has someone else. Chase agrees to help Wesley improve his baseball skills for a big game. Chase encourages Jess to pursue her dream. He agrees to assist his dad in restoring the food truck Jessica buys.

Chance Hurstfield is Wesley, Jessica’s eight year-old son.

Vincent Dangerfield is Brett, Jessica’s insurance agent. He is completely against the idea. He refuses to support Jessica’s purchase. They begin to realize they are wrong for each other. They agree to take a break in their relationship.

Chase learns that he and the supermodel he was dating are no longer together when he sees her in the tabloids with one of his teammates. Jess and Chase grow closer in the days leading up to the relaunch of the diner. The food truck’s inaugural outing is a hit. Chase embraces his hometown roots more and more with each passing day. He finally receives a call from his agent with a great offer for the new season. He becomes introspective. It seems he has fallen for both Jessica and Wesley, and has to figure out how to keep his baseball career without losing them.

The Perfect Catch cast:

  • Nikki DeLoach as Jessica Parker
  • Andrew Walker as Chase Taynor
  • Vincent Dangerfield as Brett
  • Chance Hurstfield as Wesley

A Crown Media Productions Production. Produced by Harvey Kahn. Executive produced by Bruce D. Johnson. Directed by Steven R. Monroe. Story by Hanz Wasserburger.

Hallmark Channel is a Crown Media Family Networks 24-hour cable television network distributed to 88.5 million U.S. homes and produces Home & Family.

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