Hallmark The Sweetest Christmas, star Lea Coco says, “You think he has all the answers”

Lea Coco Photo by Ricardo Hubbs

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Premiere, a restaurant owner helps an old girlfriend bake a gingerbread house, on November 11th, 2017 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET on DirecTV

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/11/11 – “Nick is the kind of guy that you look at from the outside in you think he has all the answers,” says  The Sweetest Christmas   star Lea Coco. “He has a kid that he loves very much. He owns a successful restaurant. And then through the course of the movie it starts to become apparent maybe he has all the answers but not asking the right questions.”

“I’m from Mississippi,,” says Coco. “I was born in Louisiana. My dad is from Louisiana. One of my favorite things growing up is he used to read this book it’s called the Cajun Night Before Christmas by a writer that goes by Trosclair.”

“My girlfriend rescues dogs,’ says Coco. “We have Mattie, who’s a schnauzer-ish, and Marty who’s a PBGB. That is short for something fancy. She rescued both of them from the street. This is something she’s super passionate about. She’s done it her whole life.”


Lacey Chabert is Kylie recently broke up with her boyfriend. She lives with her sister.

Lane Edwards is Alex Kylie’s ex, who’s in real estate. She’s been working for him as a temp, but it awkward, especially since he’s still got feelings for her.  She really wants to bake. This is just a job to make money. She’s trying to save money so she can open a bakery. She lives with her sister.

Lara Gilchrist is Tina Kylie’s sister. Kylie sees and reconnects with her former sweetheart from high school.

Lea Coco is Nick. He owns a restaurant has a child and is divorced. On reconnecting with Kylie he realizes that he still has feelings for her. Every year there is a Gingerbread house contest. Kylie’s entered again hoping to win the big cash prize that will get her to her goal. Just two weeks before the competition she finds out she in. Tina’s oven breaks down which Kylie needs it to work on her entry. Nick lets Kylie uses the restaurant kitchen to prepare for the competition. While using the kitchen she gets to know Nick’s son and the chef at the restaurant.

Brendan Sunderland is Bobby Nick’s son.

Jonathan Adams is Ralphie Nick’s friend and the chef at the restaurant. He’s known Nick a long time.

Kylie is about holiday traditions. She shows Nick that Christmas traditions would be good for him and his son. Kylie find out a celebrity chef has entered to competition.

Corina Akeson is Ina. She’s being sponsored by Alex’s company.



  • Lacey Chabert is Kylie
  • Lea Coco is Nick
  • Jonathan Adams is Ralphie
  • Brenden Sunderland is Bobby
  • Lara Gilchrist is Tina
  • Lane Edwards is Alex
  • Jill Morrison is Michelle

Producers Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm. Directed by Terry Ingram. Written by Erinne Dobson. Director of Photography Ronald Richard. Production Manager Simon Richardson. Edited by Charles Robichaud. Casting by Candice Elzinga.

The Sweetest Christmas is a Crown Media production. Hallmark Channel is a Crown Media Family Networks’ 24-hour cable television network distributed to 88 million U.S. homes.

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