Hallmark The Wedding March 2, star Josie Bissett says, “A leap of faith to move to Vermont”

Josie Bissett, Jack Wagner Photo by David Dolsen

Premiere, sometimes the one that got away comes back, the sequel, on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at 6pm on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/7/17 – “Mick Turner is a former pop star,” says Wedding March 2 star Jack Wagner. “Now he runs a wedding lodge.” He’s reunited with his college sweetheart.

“She decides to take a leap of faith to move to Vermont, to live and work with Mick,” says Wedding March 2 star Josie Bissett. “Olivia comes in with the intent to be a bit more emotionally mature. She realizes that there’s a chance if we just dive into this it might go to fast and might not work.”

After spending several months apart following their unexpected reunion, former college sweethearts Olivia (Bissett) and Mick (Wagner) are together once again when Olivia decides to make a change in her life and move to Mick’s lakeside inn. Olivia isn’t ready to start a relationship but wants to wants help him run his wedding resort. As he finishes his tour and opens the inn for the season, she wraps up things in New York for the move. No one is more excited to see him get back together with Olivia than his daughter Julie (Sarah Grey). She’s home from college with Wyatt (Mitch Ainley). Julie is more focused on her dad’s romance than her own. Mick and Olivia to clash and while getting ready for the resort’s first wedding. The demanding bride-to-be Corinne (Tara Wilson) said a simple wedding, but it starts becomes more elaborate by the day, creating stress for her fiancé Chris (Aren Buchholz).

In Association with Brad Krevoy Television. Brad Krevoy, Jack Wagner Susie Belzberg, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips Atkins, Amy Krell, David Weaver, Jonathan Shore and Jimmy Townsend are executive producers. Michael Shepard, Doran S. Chandler and Nathaniel Lyman serve as supervising producers. Jamie Goehring and Kevin Leslie are producers with Sammie Astaneh and Vince Balzano as associate producers. David Weaver directed from a script by Neal Dobrofsky & Tippi Dobrofsky.

Wedding March 2: Resorting To Love’ Format Two-hour Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Executive Producers: Brad Krevoy, Jack Wagner, Susie Belzberg, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips Atkins, Amy Krell, David Weaver, Jonathan Shore, Jimmy Townsend. Supervising Producers: Michael Shepard, Doran S. Chandler, Nathaniel Lyman. Producers: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie. Associate Producers: Sammie Astaneh, Vince Balzano. Production credit: An All Canadian Entertainment Production in Association with Brad Krevoy Television. Directed by: David Weaver. Screenplay by: Neal Dobrofsky & Tippi Dobrofsky. Director of Photography: Ryan McMaster, CSC. Production Designer: Daren Luc Sasges. Art Director: Grace Alvarez. Edited by: Kelly Herron. Casting by: Jackie Lind, CSA.


  • Jack Wagner (Mick)
  • Tara Wilson (Corrine)
  • Josie Bissett (Olivia)
  • Sarah Grey (Julie)
  • Aren Buchholz (Chris)
  • Mitch Ainley (Wyatt)
  • Emily Tennant (Grace)
  • Aaron Pearl (Duke)
  • Sarah Edmonson (Lisa)
  • Ellie Harvie (Corinne’s Mother)
  • Hrothgar Mathews (Corinne’s Father)
  • Ben Wilkinson (Minister)
  • Gelsea Mae (Bridesmaid)

Hallmark Channel The Wedding March 2, a new original movie premiering Saturday, June 17 (9 p.m. ET/PT). Stars of the first film, Jack Wagner (“When Calls the Heart,” “The Bold and the Beautiful”), Josie Bissett (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Melrose Place”), Sarah Grey (“Legends of Tomorrow”) and Emily Tennant (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”) reprise their roles alongside Tara Wilson (“Once Upon a Time”) and Aren Buchholz (“When Calls the Heart”).

Hallmark Channel is Crown Media Family Networks’ cable television network distributed nationwide to 88 million U.S. homes.

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