HBO Animals, Star Phil Matarese says, “Two pigeons out on the ledge”

Premiere of season two, animated series continues the story of New York’s uninvited animals, on March 17th, 2017 at  8:30pm PT, 11:30pm ET on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/3/17 – “The initial idea for the web series version,” says Animals writer-voice Phil Matarese. “Mike and I worked at an ad agency, there were two pigeons out on the ledge, we started riffing as them because we didn’t want to do work. I was interested in doing some animation, I said hey, let’s record this, I’ll put some images against it and we see what happens.”


Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, and produced by Duplass Brothers Television, Animals focuses on the downtrodden creatures native to Earth’s least-habitable environment: New York City.

Whether it’s lovelorn rats, gender-questioning pigeons or aging bedbugs in the midst of a midlife crisis, the awkward small talk, moral ambiguity and existential woes of non-human urbanites parallel our own human concerns.

 Animals Stars:

A Duplass Brothers Television production. Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano. Directed by Wes Archer and Dominic Polcino. Executive produced by Mark and Jay Duplass

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