History Six, as Edwin Hodge says, “An Extreme Situation”

Edwin Hodge

Series debut on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017, at 10PM 9c ET/PT

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/1/18 – “We were kind of thrown into this pit of fire,” says Six star Edwin Hodge. “And we had to learn how to deal with our emotions. When you are put in an extreme situation where your body is completely fatigued, your mind is completely fatigued; you feel like even though you have people there, you’re still kind of on this island by yourself.”

Hodge is Robert Chase who joined the seals after attending Harvard law. He’s the new guy on the team. His father was involved in the civil rights movement and is disappointed that his son has become part of the establishment. As the newest member of the team he is trying to be accepted.

“They told us to turn off our phones for four days,” says Hodge. “We weren’t going to really have contact with our family members and so forth. I found myself, on the second night, I had to call my brother. I had to break down. I just needed somebody that I knew to tell me that everything was going to be okay, and that I can make it through.”

“And sometimes it’s on you, you know,” says Hodge. “And the same thing with our cast mates. Every time I kept saying, man I can’t do this; I can’t deal with it. I don’t know if I can do this, they were there. I got you, Bro. We got you. And I said I couldn’t do this a thousand times. I mean, it was crazy, but just you have to learn how to deal with yourself in that moment. And it was one of the greatest educational points that I took from SEALFIT.”

“They tested us in ways that you could not even imagine. Myself, I’m not the greatest swimmer but somehow they had me walking on the bottom of the pool,” says Hodge. And I’m tired and still doing that before my own eyes.”

“I was just in a bag of mixed emotions” says Hodge. “I was scared. I didn’t know what was happening. And the coach, he repeated his instructions in a cadence that calmed me down,And as I performed in the rhythm of that cadence, I learned to focus, and center myself, and regain a bit of that fear that I was exuding.”

“So, that is what the men and women have to deal with,” says Hodge. “They deal with themselves more than they’re dealing with everybody else. They’ll tell you, they’ll lose a brother in battle — or a sister in battle — and their first thing is doing, in a moment, you don’t stay prepared for it.”

“And then they get home and they have to deal with it. As much as the families are dealing with it, it’s an internal struggle that nobody will ever, ever understand,” says Hodge. “You just, you won’t. Getting prepared emotionally, we weren’t. We had to learn it. We had to, like I said, understand ourselves before we can figure out emotions we were going through. It was crazy.

Walton Goggins as Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart SEAL Team Six, troop leader does something questionable in Afghanistan while a member of SEAL Six team. He left the team after a falling out. Two years later he’s not part of the team and is working for pay as a contractor in Nigeria. He and a Nigerian teacher along with her schoolgirl students are captured. Rip needs to rediscover himself and who he really is.  SEAL Six team members have a job to do. To recover their former team member and save the need get the job done even thought they are not thrilled with their former Six team member.

Six stars Edwin Hodge (Chicago Fire), Kyle Schmid (Copper), Walter Groggins (Justified), Dominic Adams (Devious Maids), Brianne Davis (Jarhead), Nadine Velazquez (Flight), Jaylen Moore (Homeland), Donny Boaz (The Great Debaters) and Nondumiso Tembe (True Blood) Barry Sloane (Revenge) Juan Pablo Raba (Narcos) .

This scripted drama series on History channel about the Seals and their missions, personal life and surviving to fight another day. The show is inspired by real missions. It shows how the team works together and the need to complete the mission without a man down. It also encompasses their personal lives and how they deal with their wives and girlfriends.

The show was shot in Wilmington NC.

The first two episodes of Six are directed by Academy Award, Emmy nominated and DGA Award winning Lesli Linka Glatter. Created by Academy Award nominee William Broyles and David Broyles, a military special operations veteran. William Broyles, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, David Glasser, Nicolas Chartier, Alfredo Barrios, Jr., George W. Perkins (Live from Baghdad), Bruce C. McKenna, David Broyles and Glatter are executive producers. Karen Campbell serves as the supervising producer and joins Barrios, McKenna, and William and David Broyles as writers on the series. Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Mitchell Hall serves as the series’ technical advisor and associate producer. CNN’s national security analyst Peter Bergen serves as the series’ terrorism consultant.

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